35 Photos Of Princess Charlotte That Showcase Her Big Personality

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Rumor has it that a certain Cambridge child can be a bit sassy, but you'll see that these photos of Princess Charlotte from over the years are just further evidence of the young royal's innate coolness and adorable attitude. Even when Princess Charlotte is meant to be perfecting her curtsy for Queen Elizabeth or her royal wave, it doesn't look like she ever breaks a sweat.

Princess Charlotte came into the world on May 2, 2015 and truly, almost from birth that little girl was proving she had a big personality. She might be the younger sister of Prince George, the future King of England, but that doesn't mean she steps back from the spotlight. Nor does being the middle child after her brother Prince Louis was born in 2018. In fact, at that time, Princess Charlotte proved to be something of a trailblazer in the royal family by being the first female not to lose her place in line to the throne to her younger brother.

Since her birth back in 2015, Princess Charlotte has made headlines around the world simply by virtue of always being herself. Behaving how she likes without concern for cameras or her royal title.

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