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These 'This Is Us' Season 4 Theories Were A Wild Ride & I Want To Get Off Now

The This Is Us Season 3 finale is just around the corner. And no, I'm not ready for this season to end. While the NBC show hasn't been officially renewed for Season 4, the creators have hinted that more is on its way. So how can fans prepare for what's to come next? Perhaps these This Is Us Season 4 theories can help satisfy that itch you're bound to get every Tuesday night until the fourth season returns.

Although NBC hasn't officially made a renewal or cancellation announcement in regards to the future of This Is Us, showrunners Dan Fogelman and Isaac Aptaker have planned out a series finale "about three seasons in the future" after Season 3. This means that they plan on ending This Is Us after Season 6 and they have an idea of where the show is going from here.

In an interview with Deadline, Fogelman revealed where Season 4 is headed. “We’ve got multiple seasons mapped out,” the show creator said. “I think this season has been a lot about redemption, but also a lot of rebirth. Next season is a season of new beginnings and restarts.”

If This Is Us gets a fourth season, fans will still have plenty of time before the story continues to unfold. And now that fans know that it's a chance for new beginnings, who knows what could happen? But since fans have a long time before the This Is Us drought is over, maybe these theories will make the wait go by quicker.

Nicky Pearson Will Return

If you felt like Nicky Pearson's storyline was far too short, you're not alone. After the massive buildup to Nicky's character and the fact that he is still alive in the present day, fans speculated that Nicky will come back. But how? Reddit user Marty5151 speculated that Nicky would return to "connect with Baby Jack or perhaps redeem himself in someway involving little Jack."

Fans know that the road hasn't been easy for Kate's baby. So perhaps Nicky will arrive back in the Pearsons' lives to somehow save Jack. It would be full circle, wouldn't it?

Reddit fan, irishpisano, then theorized that Rebecca would be the one to reach out to Nicky "since it would allow her to 'connect with Jack' a little bit." It's another plausible theory. Nonetheless with the many ways that Nicky could return on This Is Us, it's clear that there's still plenty of story to be told.

Kevin & Sophie Will Get Back Together

While Kevin and Zoe have made strides in Season 3, After Sophie made her first reappearance in "Don't Take My Sunshine Away", fans have been wondering if Kevin and Sophie will get back together. In a Reddit discussion about the Kevin "always gets what he wants" quote, user ninthoften wondered if the quote meant that Kevin still had feelings for Sophie and that "if he wants her and works hard enough charming her, he can have her," especially after considering Jack's image of "happily ever after" foreshadowing.

Beth & Randall Will Make It Work... In Philadelphia

Fans have been scared for Beth and Randall throughout the entirety of Season 3. So what's to come for the golden couple in the upcoming seasons? Well, Redditor NurseRoo took a screenshot of a flash forward. The photo in question? A dance studio. Given what fans uncovered about Beth's aspirations in the third season, the user speculated that the dance studio didn't actually look like a dance studio. It looked more like a Rec center.

"Randall and Beth move to Philly," the user theorized. "The sole quest for councilman started with his persistence to open the rec center. That then snowballed into the election. Beth’s career prior to dance was urban planning. I think they move to Philly. Randall gets the rec center renovated and provides after school programs such as dance etc to the community. Beth is in charge of the center and is able to fulfill her passions of dance and helping inner city youth."

Toby Will Suffer Male Postpartum Depression

It's no secret that Toby struggles with depression. While many fans are worried about the state of Kate and her baby, others have wondered if there's more to come for Toby. Reddit user aleetex pondered if it were possible for Toby to end up with Male Postpartum Depression or Paternal Postnatal Depression.

"Now that would be an unexpected twist if Toby suffers from Male Postpartum Depression," the user wrote. "This is something I don't believe has been done on TV. And it will tie into Toby's previous depression/anxiety and the flash forward scene where he isn't wearing his ring and looks depressed. Toby would definitely be at risk and up to 1 out of 4 new fathers experience PPND. And like postpartum depression with new mother it can definitely be life altering if not treated."

The showrunners have promised that Season 4 of This Is Us will cover new beginnings and restarts. So basically, anything could happen, including at least one of these fan theories. Let's just hope that the wait isn't too long.

This Is Us airs Tuesdays on NBC.