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I Can't Stay Calm After Reading These 'This Is Us' Season 3 Finale Theories

Nobody does a finale quite like NBC's This Is Us. And it looks like the Season 3 finale, titled "Her," will live up to its predecessors. With plenty of drama building between each of the characters throughout the season, fans have been formulating a number of This Is Us season finale theories that could mean new beginnings in Season 4.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman revealed that while new questions will arise, the main stories that were featured in the third season — including Kate's baby, Kevin and Zoe, Randall and Beth, and what's happening in the future with "her" — will be acknowledged and answered in the Season 3 finale. "Every time we jump into the future and show more, it begs new questions about how you get there," Fogelman said. "But a lot of the questions that people have invested in will be answered very clearly."

That being said, the journey isn't over just yet. There's still a lot to unfold when it comes to the Pearson family.

"Our characters are all finding themselves as we near what I like to consider kind of our midpoint of the TV series," Fogelman said. "They're at some real crossroads. And I think when you're at a crossroads, your emotions tend to be most raw and your situations tend to be extreme." Yikes.

In a This Is Us finale, anything could happen. Now that it's clear that the Season 3 finale is meant to be the midpoint of the journey, there will be plenty of story left to tell. So hopefully, one of these fan theories can explain where This Is Us is headed.

Kevin's Drinking Will Kill Kate's Baby

Recently, Chrissy Metz, who plays Kate, revealed that reading the This Is Us Season 3 finale was "devastating." So what's coming? Well, Kate has been dealing with the birth of her son, Jack. While both Kate and Jack 2.0 had fans scared earlier in the season, I'm not 100 percent certain that they're out of the woods yet. In a threat that had fans speculating what devastating thing happens to Kate in the finale, iiamMissJackson theorized that Kevin's alcoholism may lead to the death of Kate's baby.

"I think the baby will need a blood transfusion of some sort and the only person that can provide blood due to the type will be Kevin," the Reddit user wrote. "But Kevin can’t provide cause he’s been consuming alcohol. This results in them losing the baby and leads to Toby getting pissed at Kevin. Kate defends Kevin and that will lead to Toby and her getting a divorce."

Kate's Baby Will Have A Heart Condition Like Jack

In the same thread, vestigekerfuffle explained that it was possible that Jack 2.0 could have a physical disability, noting that he was born prematurely. "Maybe the baby has a disability or illness of some sort and Kate is devastated in knowing the child will only live a short period or be in pain for its entire life and blames herself for not seeking other options to bring a child into this world," the fan wrote.

But what could be wrong with Kate's baby? In a separate thread, Reddit user Sword_Chucks wondered "if Kate's baby ends up inheriting Jack's heart condition" that was previously mentioned in Season 3 when Jack was relieved from the draft. Talk about full circle.

Rebecca's Story Will Parallel The "Her" Flash Forward

In the promotional trailer for "Her," fans noticed that Rebecca got in a car accident in the past. Redditor rogue3ir6 speculated that "visiting Rebecca in the hospital in the past due to an minor accident is the typical flashback to parallel visiting her in the hospital in the future," especially now that we know that the "her" in the flash forward was Rebecca all along.

Another fan, NoApollonia, also pointed out that the description for the episode states that Rebecca will be helping Kate and Toby care for baby Jack. The user pondered that "maybe cuts of present day Rebecca helping with baby Jack and then flash forwards of maybe Kate helping with Rebecca."

Rebecca Has MS

While many fans previously speculated that Rebecca has Alzheimer's disease, Mandy Moore has come out on record to say that it isn't. So what's happening to Rebecca in the flash forward? Reddit user tsmith60 speculated that while she may not have Alzheimer's, Rebecca may have MS. "Remember when she talked to her granddaughter about how holding in her thoughts and emotions makes her back hurt," tsmith60 wrote. "And we already know from the preview that she has a car accident."

Another fan, hyggewithit, came forward and agreed with the theory. "I think she has a physically degenerative disease and given what she's said about joint pain, MS is a candidate," the Redditor wrote.

Kevin Or Zoe Will Change Their Mind About Kids

In the episode description for the Season 3 finale, NBC revealed that Zoe and Kevin look after Tess and Annie for Randall and Beth. Redditor uizal wondered if this storyline would prompt one of them (or both) to change their mind about wanting kids.

Regardless of what actually happens, Vivian0728 also speculated that fans will find out whether or not Kevin and Zoe decide to have kids "by showing old childless Kevin with Zoe or old Kevin with kids but not show his spouse so we wonder how he got there."

They say that when one door closes, another one opens. This is the case with every This Is Us finale ever. So I know that the Season 3 finale will be no different. Nonetheless, we're at a midpoint now. So who knows where the rest of the show will take us.

This Is Us airs Tuesdays on NBC.