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These Are The 4 Zodiac Signs You Can Rely On When You Need A Hand

To find out which people are the most rock-steady in your life, look to the stars for help. As it turns out, there are a few zodiac signs you can always count on to be there when you need them. These stable signs may be the most dependable ones in the universe.

Although the experts pointed out some signs that tend to be the most reliable, this isn't exactly a simple, straightforward task. There are a lot of variables going on in the zodiac. "Generalities don't work well in astrology," astrologer Alexandra Karacostas from Wisdom Astrology tells Romper. Plus, astrology is more complex than just knowing your zodiac sign.

"It's important to note that we are much deeper than our sun sign," astrologer Suzanne "Suzy" Woo tells Romper. "Astrology has many layers, and the houses play a big role as well, as do our moon and rising sign. If someone has many planets in a house ruled by one of these signs, they will have strong energy of this sign but may never realize it without knowing their own birth chart."

Learning how to find your birth chart could bring some of these deeper mysteries to light. But if you're just wondering which of your friends might actually help you move next week, then here are some top choices, based on their zodiac signs.



All three experts consulted for this piece mentioned Capricorn as a particularly dependable sign. Karacostas credits their "sense of responsibility" as a key factor to their trustworthy nature. "You can trust a Capricorn to bring a chaotic team into complete, obedient order, single file, and do what they are supposed to do, perfectly," says Woo. These signs, which can lean toward perfectionism, tend to have your back. "A Capricorn will give you a best and worst case scenario and they won’t mince words in doing so, but if a Capricorn is your friend they can be counted on to be there, give good advice, and do what they can to correct the situation," astrologer Leslie Hale from tells Romper. For the most part, it looks like this sign is one you can rely on almost always.




All that bull energy isn't easy to push around. "If a Taurus says they will be there for you, you can depend on it," says Hale. "Taurus is rock solid, although they can sometimes come across like a parent." Well, someone has to be the parent of most every group, right? "They know what they want, and are not super open to change. So you can count on a Taurus to give you a solid answer and backup details because they know what they know over a long period of time," says Woo. Taurus people are generally steadfast and solid.



One of the zodiac's most mysterious signs is also pretty reliable, as it turns out. At the very least, Scorpios "like to feel in control, so they are often eager to take charge," explains Karacostas. But they also have integrity. "People are intimidated by their often piercing eyes and mysterious energy... everyone opens up to a Scorpio and tells their deep traumas... but they are very private. A Scorpio is laser focused and stops at nothing until they have hit the absolute truth," says Woo. They are a hard-working, intense sign by nature.



People born under the sign of Cancer can make amazing friends and confidantes. "Cancer is the most sensitive, compassionate and caring of the zodiac signs," says Hale. "Because of their empathetic abilities, this sign can sense your moods and feelings, and when they do, their compassionate nature generally takes over naturally." Hale goes on to add that a Cancer friend is definitely worth keeping for their heartfelt, reliable nature. For the most part, these four signs tend to be there when you need them.


Rev. Suzanne "Suzy" Woo, Astrologer, Psychic Medium, Sound Healing Practitioner, Wedding Officiant

Leslie Hale, astrologer

Alexandra Karacostas, astrologer