These Are The 5 Most Popular Disney Names For Dogs (#1 Might Surprise You)

With the launch of Disney+, everyone and their dog is looking forward to streaming their favorite movies and TV shows over and over. Is it even possible to understand just how much this entertainment company has influenced everyday culture? As the most popular Disney dog names prove, plenty of pooches are all about representing that Disney magic, too.

In honor of Lady and the Tramp's live-action release on Disney+, the team at smart dog collar company Fi searched their database of 1.6 million dogs to test out the popularity of Disney-inspired dog names. Everyone from Ariel to Zazu was included. Researchers found that, of all the dogs in America named after Disney characters, Lady was the name given to 5.3 percent of these pups. It was the second-most popular dog name in their search. In fact, the top finding kind of surprised researchers, but it's honestly a perfect canine name.

Whatever you're marathon-watching on Disney+ right now, remember that someone, somewhere, is probably going to commemorate those characters with a pet name soon. (My top choice is Pongo, the Dalmatian, which sadly did not make the list.) To learn more about the top Disney character names for dogs all across America, and find out where your favorite characters rank, just keep reading.



The iconic mouse himself served as the inspiration for plenty of canine names. In fact, about 2.4 percent of dogs with Disney monikers were named Mickey, according to Fi's survey. With a dog named Mickey, you're almost certainly a Disney-loving household.



This is a pretty fitting name for your little four-legged beast. Coming in at 3.9 percent in the search findings, Belle was another top Disney name for dogs. Whether you're a fan of the 1991 animated feature or the 2017 live-action version, Beauty and the Beast is one of those films that just inspires viewers (and dog namers) for generations.



This regal name is perfect for just about any dog, whether it's a stately Great Dane or bossy chihuahua. Coming in at 4.9 percent of those reviewed, Zeus is another popular Disney dog name. It's a cool nod to Greek mythology, as well as Disney's 1997 animated film, Hercules. Best of all, you can sing "Go the Distance" every time you take a dog named Zeus for a walk.



Of all the names, this one seemed like it would come out as top dog. There's the classic 1955 animated version, as well as this year's live-action retelling of Lady and the Tramp, so this particular dog name has both old-school and current appeal. And Lady is a very popular dog name, coming in at 5.3 percent on Fi's database findings. However, the top Disney dog name went to another character entirely (although hype from the recent film's release might boost the popularity of the name Lady in the next few months).



As it turns out, the Disney character most likely to inspire your dog's name is none other than Daisy Duck. In fact, 21 percent of the Disney-inspired names in Fi's database were Daisy. Don't underestimate this chic duck's timeless appeal.