5 The Weeknd Halloween Costumes For Babies That Give Off Total 'Starboy' Vibes

by Nina Matti

It's an established fact that Abel Tesfaye, aka The Weeknd, is a very talented man. The producer and R&B singer has won two Grammys, simultaneously held all three top spots on the Billboard Hot R&B charts, and was featured on the cover of Forbes for turning his 3.2 billion song streams in $92 million. And he's only been on the music scene since 2010. Aside from his musical genius, The Weeknd has quickly become a style icon, making him perfect inspiration for a Halloween costume — better yet, inspiration for your baby's Halloween costume.

Some of his best looks include his show-stopping rhinestone clad tuxedo and head to toe denim, but on a typical day the Canadian has a very specific uniform. His go-to looks are nothing too flashy, usually just black jeans, a t-shirt, a boxy jacket, and some variety of sneaker. But it's that simplicity and edginess that makes The Weeknd so standout in the menswear world.

Every one of The Weeknd's looks are impressionable, but I'd recommend nabbing inspo from his leather-filled clothing line, XO, or one of his suave nights on the red carpet with his girlfriend Selena Gomez for maximum punch. Dress your little guy in one of these five The Weeknd baby Halloween costumes, and enjoy the admiration he's sure to receive. You've "Earned It."


The Canadian Tuxedo

None of The Weeknd's looks are too complicated, but this one might be the easiest to pull off — your little one probably already has most of these pieces in their closet. All you need is a jean jacket ($28, Gap), light wash jeans ($12, Oshkosh B'Gosh), army green high tops ($40, Hibbett), and round shades ($10, Walmart).


The Bedazzled Tux

This couple always looks great together, but The Weeknd's rhinestone-studded tux steals the show. Get the look with a baby-sized tuxedo ($50, Buy Buy Baby) and lots of rhinestones ($5, Amazon) to adhere to the lapel.


XOXO, Baby Weeknd

The Weeknd launched his own clothing line, XO, in collaboration with H&M, so what better way to pay tribute to the musician than through this adorable XO onesie ($11, Amazon)? Top it off in a classic Weeknd way with a denim jacket ($37, Gap), a cute snapback ($3, Open Tip), and fresh kicks ($27, Nordstrom Rack).


The Camo Cutie

This adorable green camo jacket ($32, Old Navy) comes in sizes from 12M – 5T! Pop it on over all black, and throw on a cross necklace while you're at it.


All Black Everything


Get one of The Weeknd's edgier looks with black jeans ($8, The Children's Place), a black onesie ($6, Walmart), and a black leather jacket ($27, Saks Off Fifth).

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