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These Addams Family Halloween Costumes Are Mysterious, Spooky, Kooky & Ooky

Coming up with a good concept for your family's Halloween costumes can be a real trick. Except this year, because Addams Family Halloween costumes are going to be huge, so your decision has basically been made for you: There's a character for every member of your family, after all.

When it comes to getting kids and parents on the same page, few things have a bigger impact than a film or television show. With an animated movie version of The Addams Family hitting theaters this October, you want to make sure your costumes are on point.

Now, you can absolutely go to a Halloween store and grab everything you need from there. However, there are a ton of great options online for those of us who don't love the strobe lighting and temporary nature of Halloween shops. Places from Etsy to Wish have fun options for all of the Addams Family characters; for others, like Pugsley, Gomez, and Wednesday, you can likely source much of what you'll need from regular stores. Morticia, Cousin It, and Lurch are going to be more of a challenge, so it's best to start early.

It would also be a good idea to check out some YouTube tutorials for the character's faces. The makeup can be intense, and the majority of us are not prepared. Thankfully, there are people who break it down like paint by number.

Also thankfully, these get-ups will get you started.


Morticia Addams

OK, so Morticia Addams might not technically be dead, but after looking at this amazing dress? I am officially deceased. Yes, for trick or treating, you're going to want to layer something underneath so that you don't give the mom police a collective heart attack, but for a party? Wear as little as your comfortable with. Own it. You know Gomez would.


Wednesday Addams

This is her costume. She's dressed like a homicidal maniac. They look just like everyone else.

But seriously, Wednesday is one of those costumes you can piece from real clothes, and get wear out of later. For Wednesday, you're going to want to pair it with boots or Mary Janes and black tights, but in everyday life, your little one could wear the black dress with wild leggings and a colorful sweater. The black tights can be re-worn with a number of outfits... at least until your child gets a huge run in them. That part is inevitable.



Gomez is a stylish dude. Alas, many of the Gomez costumes leave something to be desired. He's all about the black hair, moustache, makeup, and slick suit. You can pretty much wear whatever suit you want, just make sure to pair it with an ascot or really nice tie. Gomez also loved his wingtip shoes. Just remember, if you tip back Morticia to smother her in kisses, just make sure you haven't had too much to drink. Ask me how I know this.



He's easy. Either and black and white or navy and white striped tee shirt, black or navy shorts, and knee-high socks. You can easily rewear anything but the socks. (OK, you could rewear the socks, but maybe not with the shorts.)


Baby Uncle Fester

The cutest Uncle Festers are baby Uncle Festers. I could just die over this. I imagine a chubby toddler belly filling this out, and I just can't. It's too much.


Cousin It

Cousin It costumes look claustrophobic and itchy to me. However, if you are so bold and brave, you, too, could be a walking head of hair. Bonus: if you go as Cousin It, you don't have to make actual conversation because he speaks in gibberish and chirps.