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Don't Toss That Baby Gear, Sell It On One Of These 6 Apps & Cash In

It’s not a joke when they saw that kids grow like weeds. And all those items that you’ve purchased for your precious little one (think cribs, strollers, and car seats) can become unusable in just a matter of months. While you could donate clothing or other used baby items, there’s nothing wrong with making some cold hard cash. That’s when you need to turn to your trusty phone to apps to sell your baby gear.

You might be surprised to learn how much of your used baby items are potentially profitable. I tend to donate more products than I sell, but each and every time I’ve sold something, I thought, “Wow, really?” One time, I stripped my kid’s car seat and sold the liner (because my four year-old is a girl and I don’t know if her baby brother was thrilled about being toted around in a car seat covered in peonies). I figured it would never sell, and boom — I had a bidding war on my hands. For something that I was either going to donate or toss in the trash.

That’s why you should get acquainted with these apps to help you sell your baby gear. Not only are you clearing the clutter (which is always a good thing), but you’re also turning a profit which you can use for the next time your child has to go up a size.




Listing baby stuff is a breeze on Mercari. All you need to do is snap some shots and add a description. You can sell anything from Beanie Babies to breast pumps to even a cute costume for Halloween. Prices are rounded to the dollar (no $3.99 items for sale here). You can easily do it from your phone, and listing your item is free — you’ll only have to pay a 10 percent flat rate fee when your items sells. A printable shipping label gets emailed to you when you receive payment from your buyer.



If you prefer to do your deals up close and in person, Letgo is probably for you. This app is a great option when you’re looking to unload bulkier baby items, like a stroller or a cumbersome car seat. You can set a price or leave it open for negotiation — just be prepared for some haggling. Although you can sell almost any baby item on Letgo, there are some prohibited products, like baby food or formula. And even though you can meet your buyer in person, you won’t have to add in any personal details, like your email, phone, or mailing address. Just make sure to meet in a public space (and not your home) when you’re selling your gear. Listing and selling is free, although there are some in-app options that can land your products a more prominent placement.


Facebook Marketplace

Sure, you might use Facebook to keep up with friends and fam, but you can also use that social media time to score some cash, too. Just click Marketplace to start selling. It’s kind of like an online garage sale, where you can list your products locally for purchase. Marketplace doesn’t charge a listing fee or taxes, which means that more of your profits stays in your pocket.



Although you can sell baby clothing on Poshmark, the app is still a predominately female-clothing oriented app. Poshmark is a see-and-be-seen sort of way to sell. In order to make money, you’ll need to be active on the app and follow other sellers so that you can increase your visibility. But be prepared for some steep seller fees (to the tune of 20 percent or $3 for items that are $15 or below). Still, if you’re already selling some of your clothes on Poshmark, it might not be a bad idea to add some additional baby items to see how well they sell.


eBay App

Good old-fashioned eBay might be a great way to sell one-off items. eBay is one of the most popular (and easiest) online marketplace platforms. You can sell literally anything on eBay, which is good if you’re looking to clear a closet of its contents and sell it all online. If your item doesn’t sell, there isn’t a fee, but for products that sell for up to $50, you’ll fork over 8.75 percent of your final sales price. And for bigger ticket items, you’ll pay the same 8.75 percent fee up to the first $50, and then an additional 4 percent of the remaining price (from $50.01-$1,000).




Not looking to have multiple listings for your baby clothes? Then thredUP can be a huge timesaver. Simply order a Clean Out Kit and fill it with those adorable dresses your darling daughter outgrew, and leave your bag for your mail carrier. Don’t want to wait? Drop it off at FedEx or USPS for faster shipping. The experts at thredUP look comb through your clothes, photograph, list, and then ship your items for you. You can earn cash or credit for what’s accepted, and what isn’t can either be donated or shipped back to you for a small fee. It’s worth noting that only about 40 percent of items are typically accepted by thredUP. Still, if you want someone else to do the legwork, then thredUP is an excellent option.

All it takes is one growth spurt to render your child’s wardrobe worthless. You don’t have to donate your baby gear (or worse, toss it in the trash). Selling your baby items can improve your cash flow and help clear the way for more, (you guessed it), stuff for your growing baby.