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6 Kid Halloween Costumes That Make Me Wish I Wasn't The Damn Adult

by Dina Leygerman

I have always loved Halloween. I love the magic and mystery of the holiday. I love the season, the crisp autumn air, and the dusk on Halloween night. I love dressing up as someone I've always wanted to be and playing the part, being someone I'm not for a single night. Now that I'm a parent, I once again get to revel in the festivities of Halloween. I love dressing up my kids, usually in matching costumes, and taking an obscene amount of pictures. But there are some kid Halloween costumes make me wish I wasn't the adult, because I would so rock them if I were a care-free kid, excited by the promise of a bag full of candy.

I especially hate being an adult during Halloween because the costumes for kids these days are ridiculously creative and adorable. When I was a kid, we were the typical pirates, witches, devils, and angels. Now parents are using Pinterest to outdo each other in every aspect of Halloween. Kids can literally be anything they want on the spookiest day of the year, and parents don't even have to make the costumes, since most can be found in stores or online. Since my daughter was a toddler, my mother-in-law has sewn her costumes. Her costumes were amazing, completely creative and unique. Last year, however, we kind of realized buying the one my daughter wanted would be cheaper than making one. Who would have thought?

I look forward to pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating, pumpkin picking, and to hayrides every single year. I am the only one out of all of my friends who enjoys the cooler weather and the over-sized sweaters, and the knee-length boots. Have I mentioned how much I love this season? To each her own, I guess. But, I have to say because my friends aren't nearly as into Halloween as I am, no one I know dresses up. Like, why did it become "not cool" for adults to dress up for Halloween? Do I just hang out with the wrong people? Do I need new, Halloween-appreciating friends? Something to ponder. In any case, if I could rock them (and if I weren't a damn adult), I would totally dress up as any of the following:

A Rainbow

I can be somewhat skeptical and jaded, but I would totally rock a rainbow. Being a rainbow for Halloween would allow me to be annoyingly positive and bright without letting go of my actual deep-rooted cynicism. But adults aren't rainbows, so whatever.

A Starbucks Coffee

You would think I would already be a Starbucks coffee by now, but alas I am still human. During dance season, every Saturday, my friend and I drop our girls off at the dance studio and head over to Starbucks for our weekly catch-up. Starbucks is such a part of my routine that I would love to just be a Starbucks cup for the day. But adults don't look nearly as cute as cups as do children.

A Unicorn

Sure, there are adult versions of this sweet unicorn costume, but they aren't quite the same. Besides the fact that anything and everything looks ridiculously adorable on a baby, I probably wouldn't look as charming in a big, bulky, bag-like pouch. Although, I really want to be a unicorn, you guys. Maybe I'll just color my hair pink and wear a horn.

A Cupcake

They say you are what you eat, so I technically should be a cupcake by now. I love cupcakes so much. I mean, I love all baked goods, but cupcakes are the perfect mix of cake and frosting all in one small, nearly bite-sized dessert. If I weren't an adult, I would totally be a cupcake for Halloween. But because I'm an adult, with slightly thin skin, I don't want to look like a walking dessert. Also, it probably wouldn't be too comfortable chasing a toddler while wearing a giant cupcake.

Hermione Granger

Dina Leygerman

Hermione Granger is my daughter's role model. And while I love both of those girls dearly, my role models are usually women much older than I am; some I look up to for their careers, life choices, place in the world, and overall personalities. I'd love to be a kid and dress up as Hermione, but I'll leave that to my daughter, because I have a feeling if I were to dress up as Hermione, my daughter would roll her eyes and say something like, "Really, Mom? Really?" And I don't want to embarrass my kid. Not yet, anyway.

A Kitten

I don't want to be a sexy kitten, damnit. I want to be a cute and adorable and fuzzy baby kitten. But, apparently adults can't be cute and adorable and fuzzy. Instead, if they're women, they must draw cat eyes and wear black lace and purr all sultry-like. No, thanks.

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