6 Mom Entrepreneurs Reveal The *Real* Reason They Do Direct Marketing

If your newsfeed is anything like mine, it's full of women (many of them moms) selling everything from mascara to weight-loss shakes. With social media as an ideal platform, and distributors excited about products and making a little extra cash, multi-level marketing (MLM) is on the rise. MLM, or direct sales, is a company model in which members are rewarded for building a buying organization. As a work-from-home opportunity, it's particularly appealing to stay-at-home moms. With so many moms on the bandwagon, I asked mom entrepreneurs to reveal the real reason they do direct marketing.

I've been approached to join teams selling make-up, skin care, and candles. As a part-time stay-at-home mom with two side hustles already, it was never something I had time for. I don't feel like I have a knack for sales (I left a non-profit board because of a new requirement that I procure a certain number of sponsorships), and my current jobs keep me busy. I do like to support my friends, though, and if I like the product I'll totally buy it. I own LuLaRoe leggings, Thirty-One bags, and a Pampered Chef chopper that I couldn't live without.

So what's making all my mom friends (and yours) get on the MLM train? Here's the scoop, from the sources themselves:


"I would say the low-down, no sh*t truth behind it is because I'm a military wife, and I want consistency in my work. I can take LuLaRoe with me wherever I am stationed, except overseas. LuLaRoe will pay to ship my inventory to wherever I have to move to next because I'm a military spouse. In the seven years my husband and I have been together, I have moved over five times.

LuLaRoe gives me the ability to work around my husband's insane schedule and allows me to be my kid's person. That's the biggest thing. I have to be both mom and dad so often because my husband is either gone, working late, or his phone never stops ringing when he is home. I'm truly the only consistent person in my son's life. I need to be able to pick him up from school, drop him off, and care for him when he is sick.

The reason I started LuLaRoe was to feel better about myself. I had fallen into a deep depression with how I looked, how I acted, and how I felt about myself as a mother and as my old self! I found her again through these clothes and empowering the women that I sell to. I love the smiles I get and the stories that people tell me about how they feel in these clothes. That's why I love this business — because I make women feel and look good about themselves!"


"I had started using Rodan+Fields products as a preferred customer and absolutely loved the changes in my skin. I decided to start selling R+F to get the cheapest prices! I found myself sharing my results with family and friends. They began purchasing their own products and loved their results, and it just continued on from there. Being able to contribute to our family’s finances, while keeping up with the busy lives of three kids, is just the icing on the cake."


"When my son was born, I was fortunate enough to switch from a full-time to a half-time job. My son is now 4, and I've realized that I really want to be able to be involved with his days, even when he enters school. I want to be available to go on field trips, volunteer in his classroom, have playdates after school in the afternoons, etc. My initial jump into direct sales was to try to bring in enough additional income to allow me to stay home part-time through my son's school years.

Since then, I've discovered so many other great reasons to stick with my business! When my husband was injured and suddenly unable to work any overtime hours (a typical part of our budget), my income helped cover that gap. In my day-job as a teacher, there are no opportunities for bonuses or overtime pay — my salary just is what it is. So I really love having a side job where I am rewarded concretely for the hard work I put in.

The work also pulls a completely different part of my mind and skill set. I really enjoy the creativity and problem solving I get to utilize with my work. I have loved the relationships I've built. Ultimately, I think the reason direct sales works for me is that it allowed me to undertake a fun business venture in a way that was well-established and low-risk!"


"To be honest, I wasn't looking for a direct sales company when Thrive entered my life. I have been a housecleaner for 19 years and just wanted to feel better. I was beyond exhausted, depressed, and working with a body that was breaking down.

I started this product and within 10 days I was feeling and looking like God himself had reached down and breathed new life into me! I was 'me' again, but a better version. I was spunky and joyful, and I would find myself belting out to the radio in the car instead of sobbing from sorrow. I was finally sleeping... I mean really sleeping! My body was limber and not tight and angry.

Each passing day, all I could think about is all my friends that needed to experience this feeling. I knew I couldn't keep it to myself! I started to share and organically more and more became interested. Once I found out it was free to promote and all I had to do was what I was already doing, it was a no-brainer.

I became a Free Brand Promoter. I love the community of direct sales and the encouragement of everyone involved. You get to make your own hours and decide if you want a raise or not by how hard you work. I have gained a huge family within this community and each and every day, I get the unbelievable blessing and honor of helping people live the life they deserve!"


"There is so much to my story about why I started with Younique and why this has become a huge part of my life! I am addicted to seeing other women gain confidence and getting their 'girl' back! And the funny thing is that the products play just a small role in that. They are the 'appetizer' of this big amazing family meal.

It’s the culture of the company that empowers, validates, and uplifts women and the amazing culture we’ve created on my team of over 5,000 women (and some men) that make the difference. My love for people, and seeing how their confidence along with their feelings of self worth skyrocket from being apart of Younique, is what keeps me so excited and keeps me going in this business!"


"I love the flexible hours and earning income while being a stay-at-home mom. I wanted to contribute financially and do something different, and direct sales provided me with that challenge. On top of that, I enjoy fashion and seeing people's reactions when they love the clothes."

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