7 American Girl Doll Halloween Costumes For Babies, Because Nostalgia

Your baby's first Halloween only happens once, and you're probably looking for ways to make it as memorable and, you know, historically accurate as possible. If you're looking for costume options that veer away from the standard pumpkin or bunny, then look no further than these American Girl doll Halloween costumes for babies. Believe it or not, the dolls are the perfect inspiration, not only because they'll be relatively the same size as your baby, but because they offer a fresh (and non-offensive take) on American history.

With dolls beginning in the Revolutionary War era, to Victorian times, to post-Civil War era, to modern day, there are many options to choose from — each as diverse as the time period they're based on. Each doll is based on a fictional girl who is meant to act as a role model and inspiration for today's girls, and getting a head start while your daughter is still a baby isn't a bad idea. As a reminder, because some of these costumes are specific to certain cultures, it's important to be aware of Halloween costumes and cultural appropriation when you're putting these looks together.

Like any historic replication, some of these costumes will be harder to create than others. You may have to search thrift stores, buy items made to be collectibles, or mix and match from pieces you have on hand. Either way, these American Girl doll-inspired Halloween costumes are sure to set your baby's first Halloween outfit apart from the rest.



Although the American Girl website only carries the mini-doll version of Molly McIntire, old school fans will remember when full-sized Molly had her heyday. She's from World War II era America and has a look that is easy to remember and fun to recreate.

You'll need an argyle sweater ($17, Walmart), a blue skirt ($7, Children's Place), a pair of white socks ($8, Gap) with Mary Janes ($20, Old Navy), and some circle-frame glasses ($10, ZeroUV).



Addy Walker is from the post-Civil War era and can inspire girls to be courageous and fight the status quo. Her costume is as simple as a blue vintage dress ($22, Etsy), a straw bonnet ($20, Etsy), and some black booties.



Felicity Merriman is based in 1770s colonial America. She celebrates her independence and is often too spirited for her own good.

You'll need a colonial style dress ($40, Etsy), and a stuffed horse ($5, Stuffed Safari) for good measure.



2017's "Girl of the Year" Gabriela McBride is an artist who can "break down barriers and break through to people" through her work. Arguably, quite the achievement, and a fun costume to create for your little one.

You'll need a purple shirt ($2, Sassy Apparel) (ideally slightly cropped, or you can cut it yourself) with the word "dream" written in silver sharpie. Layer a blue onesie ($4, Wordans) or tank top underneath and add a pair of blue jeans ($8, Children's Place). You can buy or make mini-headphones ($18, Kohls) and add a pink headband ($5, Target) to complete the outfit.



Josephina Montoya hails from New Mexico, circa 1824, and her Southwestern look is a fun one to replicate.

You'll need a white baby shirt or onesie ($5, Children's Place) with a long, Mexican-style skirt ($15, Ebay) on top. Add a pair of brown booties ($8, Target) and a braided wig.



The Samantha Parkington doll is set in the late Victorian era, and so to dress your little one like her, you'll need a Victorian style dress ($44, Bonanza) and a headband.



Neana is an award-winning doll with Hawaiian heritage. Her costume is simple and easy to replicate in real life, too. All you need is a floral shirt or onesie ($20, Etsy), a pair of white shorts or pants ($4, Children's Place), and a flower headband ($4, Etsy) for your baby's hair. If you want to go all out, you could add a long brown wig.

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