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7 Celeb Kids Princess Charlotte Should Be BFFs With, Based On Their Zodiac Signs

Of all the milestones a child reaches in those first few precious years, one of the sweetest is watching them make their first friends. Whether it's a bond between two young cousins, or an instant connection at the Gymboree class, a first friendship is something a mom always treasures. The celebrity world is no exception; and friendships develop between the kids of famous friends all the time, and that list could soon include young Princess Charlotte. The 3-year-old royal is already a student at the exclusive Willcocks Nursery School, according to People, so she's already beginning to socialize with kids other than big brother George. But with parents like hers (daddy Prince William will be King of England after grandpa Prince Charles has his chance), Charlotte will surely have plenty of opportunities to meet and greet with A-listers' offspring.

So who might one day become Charlotte's besties? The answer just might lie in the stars. As astrology buffs know, each sign of the zodiac is associated with certain personality traits, and some signs are more compatible than others. The young princess is a Taurus, a sign known for its loyalty, patience, love of comfort, and stubbornness. According to Ranker astrologer Madame Ruby, Tauruses get along best with fellow earth signs Virgo and Capricorn, as well as Pisces and Cancer. But Charlotte would be most likely to clash with a Leo playmate, whose fiery and dramatic nature might be too much for her.

With that in mind, here are some of the potential friends Charlotte might click with, once she starts widening her social circle. Astrologically, they're a perfect match, and what child wouldn't jump at the chance for a playdate at Kensington Palace?

Blue Ivy Carter

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What better match for a princess than the daughter of Queen Bey? As a Capricorn (born January 7), Blue Ivy shares Charlotte's love of the good things in life. But Goats and Bulls are also careful with money, according to Astrobix, so they're not likely to blow their allowances when they hit the boutiques.

Apollo Bowie-Flynn Rossdale

Gwen Stefani's youngest son not only has a way-cool name, but also a way-compatible birthday. The February 28-born Pisces boy shares the Taurus laid-back nature, and per Astrology.com, down-to-earth Tauruses help keep the dreamy Fish grounded.

Spurgeon Seewald

He's a few months younger than the princess (Spurgeon will turn three on November 5), but as a Scorpio, the older son of Counting On stars Jessa and Ben Seewald is definitely friend material. Astrobix explained that Taurus and Scorpio are "opposite" signs, astrologically speaking, but that each appreciates the other's qualities. They may come from widely different backgrounds, but if the little Bull and Scorpion can find common goals, there's no stopping them! Both signs enjoy entertaining, according to Astrostyle, so a palace tea party or a Southern barbecue would suit Charlotte and Spurgeon just fine.

Frankie Barrymore Kopelman

Drew Barrymore's younger daughter is a lot bigger now than she was in this 2014 picture, of course, and with an April 22 birthday, Frankie is a fellow Taurus. Two Bulls make for twice the fun; with their steady personalities, there's less chance of emotional outbursts during playdates. According to Astrostyle, Tauruses thrive on routine, so their famous moms should be able to keep good-byes short and sweet by reminding them that it's almost time for dinner.

Pauline Sinclair Diesel

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Another Pisces pal (March 16), Vin Diesel's 3-year-old daughter is another great match. But this friendship would be anything but fast and furious; neither sign is known for rushing into situations. According to Astrobix, Pisces friends can help their Taurus bud realize that there's more than one option when making plans. So if Charlotte has her heart set on a day at the zoo, Pauline might suggest the aquarium or science museum as alternatives.

Luna Legend

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John Legend and Chrissy Teigen's daughter arrived three years ago on April 16, making her an Aries. Though the Ram and Bull may seem like an odd pairing, the friendship can work with some effort on both sides. According to Astromatcha, both signs are strong-willed, so expect some pouting and foot-stomping when things don't go their way. On the other hand, Luna's energy is a good match for Charlotte's Taurus level-headedness.

Dusty Rose Levine

The daughter of Behati Prinsloo and Maroon 5/The Voice superstar Adam Levine is a September 21-born Virgo, a fellow earth sign whose friendship with Taurus Charlotte would only "get better and better over time," according to Astrobix. Their commonsense personalities and love of discipline would ensure a harmonious relationship destined to weather whatever storms their celebrity status throws at them.