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All The Ways Princess Charlotte Is *Such* A Taurus

If you have a child born between April 20 and May 20, you know that you're the lucky parent of a Taurus. And even if you're not raising one, you know of at least one famous mom who is: Katherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. Born on May 2, 2015, Princess Charlotte's birth date fall in the Taurus window. (Actually, the duchess has got two little royal Bulls on her hands; Prince Louis was born this past April 23.) People born under the sign of the Bull have certain traits in common, according to, such as patience, love of comfort, loyalty, frugality, and practicality.

Skeptics may scoff at the idea of their children's personalities being dictated by the position of the stars and planets at their birth, but horoscope-reading moms can't help marveling at how closely their kids' natures match their zodiac profiles. (Not to take sides in the debate, but I have an Aquarius child who embodies the sign's independent, different-drummer style, and a Scorpio who's intense, dramatic, and secretive. Make of it what you will.)

There's no official indication that Duchess Kate places any faith in astrology, but I wouldn't be surprised if she privately took a glance at the daily horoscope in the British papers, or snuck a peek at an astrology website to suss out the sun-sign personalities of her children. (Just in case you were wondering, Prince George, who just celebrated his fifth birthday, is a Cancer.)

Here are just a few of the ways that Princess Charlotte fits the profile of a typical Taurus child. Whether or not you believe in astrology, you have to admit that she's the very picture of royal cuteness.

She prefers familiar things.

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Taurus children take comfort in routine and familiarity, according to Futurescopes. They're perfectly happy eating peanut butter for lunch every day for a year, and they'll be quick to notice if you read them two bedtime stories instead of their customary three. True to form, the young princess is so fond of her favorite blue Dona Carmen shoes that she has worn them to a number of royal occasions, including the christening of her little brother, Prince Louis.

She loves the outdoors.

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Folks born under the sign of the Bull are naturally drawn to nature, and Princess Charlotte is no exception. Whether it's a day in the park or a garden-party celebration, the royal daughter seems to thrive in natural surroundings. Her parents agree. Mom (aka Duchess Kate) has said she loves "the simple family moments like playing outside," reported Elle. And Dad (aka Prince William) once remarked that he admires the way Swedish parents urge their kids to get fresh-air time even in the winter, according to The Telegraph.

She loves animals.

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EliteDaily's astrologer has noted that, along with Cancers and Leos, Tauruses are the most likely signs of the zodiac to own pets. Why? Their nature-loving personalities also extend to animals, especially ones who need some TLC. At three, Princess Charlotte is already showing her Taurean devotion to all creatures great and small. When she was barely a year old, she and her brother got a hamster named Marvin, according to Vanity Fair, and Charlotte loved to feel her furry friend's whiskers on her face. Now, the princess is turning her attention to larger pets; like her grandmother, she loves horses. In fact, reported Hello! magazine, Princess Charlotte has already begun riding lessons.

She enjoys good food.

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Tauruses are renowned for their love of the finer things in life: designer decor, luxury vacations, high-end vehicles... and, of course, sumptuous meals. For a 3-year-old, that means a yummy dish of pasta, which Duchess Kate has said is her daughter's favorite meal, reported PureWow. And when you live in Kensington Palace, it's a good bet that the princess's plate of noodles is made from scratch by the royal chef, rather than the dried boxed variety.

She has a classic style.

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When it comes to fashion, the Taurus girl is drawn to traditional, non-flashy outfits, The Lala explained. Granted, Princess Charlotte doesn't have much say over her clothing choices now (no way the royal family would approve a belly shirt or a message trench coat), but she looks so natural in patterned smock dresses and smart cardigans that it's hard to imagine her style getting too outrageous as she grows up. Charlotte does, however, have a definite preference about color: Elle reported that Prince William himself said his daughter is crazy for pink.

She loves to be with family.

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True, most three-year-olds don't stray too far from Mum and Daddy's side. But astrologically speaking, Taurus children are especially bonded to their families, and are happiest when they're enjoying a snuggle with a parent or quality time with a sibling. Case in point: Just a few days after Prince Louis was born this past April, his big sis had a tender moment with him that was so sweet, his mom couldn't help photographing it and releasing it to the media, shared People. It's very possible that the two Taurus siblings will become friends for life, especially considering that Prince George, a more independent Cancer, has recently been avoiding Charlotte's requests to play, according to InStyle.

She isn't afraid to show a little attitude.

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Taurus children are normally sweet-tempered, but they're not perfect angels all the time. Just like the animal they represent, they have a stubborn streak and an unhurried sense of time, explained Building Beautiful Souls; it can be hard to get a Taurus tot to pick up the pace when you're late for school. And they're not afraid to let you know when you've drawn the line. In recent months, Princess Charlotte has made it clear to the paparazzi that they don't have carte blanche to capture every moment of royal life. She was one of the young attendants at her Uncle Harry's wedding to Meghan Markle this spring, and she didn't hesitate to stick her tongue out for the cameras as she rode in the limo. She was even more blunt at her brother's christening: As she and her family walked into the church, Charlotte fixed the photogs with a stern glare and told them in no uncertain terms, "You're not coming."