7 Fascinating Facts About June Babies That Will Make You Smile

June is just around the corner, and I have more than a few friends poised to give birth to their own little June bugs. It's a great time to give birth. You're not pregnant all throughout the heat of the summer, you have a perfect excuse to send regrets to all those weddings, and every year, your baby's birthday will happen during perhaps the prettiest month of them all. Not to mention the fact that you'll never have to contend with the drudgery that is holding a classroom birthday party. There are also all kinds of fascinating facts about June babies that you might not be aware of to make you just a little bit more excited about having a June baby.

Having a little Gemini baby might make you think twice about your time for conception for the next baby, but these little ones are not only full of surprises, but also full of fun, according to Momstrology. If your baby is born after the 22nd of June that makes them a Cancer, and they're known to be little moms themselves, according to Astrobix. They're sensitive and prone to having invisible friends and are usually able to read people and their intentions pretty early on.


They're More Optimistic

According to TIME, babies born in June score high on something known as the "hyperthermia" scale, which is the general ability to look at a situation and see the possible positive aspects of whatever is happening. Their glass is not only half-full, it's half full of something delicious.


They have Two Birthstones

According to Wixon Jewelers, June babies are the fortunate recipients of not one, but two different birthstones. They can choose either pearl or alexandrite, or both. It makes sense if you think about it — they are Geminis. You really need more than one option for your jewelry wardrobe if you're represented by twins.


If They're A Girl, Their Gray Matter Will Be Really Dense

According to a Columbia University study, female babies born in this period have a denser amount of gray matter than female babies born throughout the rest of the year. Interestingly enough, the reverse is true for boys. They have the densest brain matter when born in the colder months.

As a late spring baby myself with a sister who is a Christmas baby, you can bet I'm texting her this information as soon as I finish this article. Your baby will likely do the same in 30 years.


They're Likely Not Going To Be CEOs

Bummer, right? Hey, they could be a doctor or a lawyer or fantastic artist, though. CEO is a long shot anyway. According to a study, just over 6 percent of CEOs in the office suite right now were born in the month of June.


They're Likely To Be Healthy

According to Reader's Digest, babies born in the summer are more likely to be bigger, healthier babies with stronger constitutions, and less likely to become sick as newborns than babies born at other times of the year. It makes sense. It's past flu season, everyone is enjoying the fresh air, vitamin D is aplenty, and everyone is active.


They're Less Prone To Long-Term Illnesses Like Heart Disease

According to the earlier mentioned Columbia University study, babies born in June experience some of the lowest rates of chronic diseases and mental illnesses like ADHD and heart disease. Of course, it's all correlational without any direct causes found, but the evidence is interesting.


Reading May Be Hard

According to the Journal of American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, there is a correlation between babies born in June and dyslexia. They're not sure why, though. It might have something to do with what happens when a mother is pregnant in the winter, but either way, it's worth keeping in mind.