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Katherine Ryan's Jokes About Her British Child Are So Relatable

Most comedians are quick to take their real life experiences with their kids and translate them to some amazing jokes in their stand-up specials. With Katherine Ryan’s Glitter Room on Netflix, she succeeded in doing just that thanks to all of the jokes she told about her daughter. Her nine-year-old daughter, Violet, is described as being a "very fancy" child and, from the sound of it, all of Katherine Ryan’s jokes about her British child hit the nail on its head about being a single mom to an overly precocious kid.

Ryan herself isn't British, so she describes a bit of a disconnect with her daughter in some minor ways, but those instances in their day to day life together make for hilarious situations. Any mom who refers to her daughter as "a tiny ineffective butler" obviously has some stories to tell.

Ryan’s Netflix special delved into life with her daughter as well as being a single woman in her thirties and preferring to stay that way despite friends and family urging her to date. Glitter Room is a hodgepodge of Ryan’s life as it currently stands and her jokes about parenting a fancy British child show that she’s not like a regular mom — she’s a cool mom.

On Having A Child Who Is British

Ryan said on Glitter Room that having a British child is "like having a tiny ineffective butler." She joked that her daughter makes her feel like she’s on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

On Raising A Precocious Kid

Ryan joked that she has been teaching her daughter how to fetch her wine during the day and evening. But, she said of her daughter, "She’s a very perceptive little girl" and joked that her daughter thinks red wine is for the evening and white wine is for the daytime.

On How Well-Behaved Her Daughter Is

While her daughter doesn't throw tantrums or fits like other kids might, Ryan said that instead, her daughter will say some passive comment days later to make her look bad in front of friends. She said her daughter will make comments like, "Mommy hides wine in the walls," in reference to Ryan’s wine rack.

On Her Kid’s Self-Entitlement

She said that because her daughter is British, she acts as though she is entitled to the jobs and benefits of England more than anyone else. Ryan joked, "If you’re worried about jobs, plenty of jobs to go around here" and listed off chores her daughter could do at home.

On Keeping Up With The Household Chores Herself

As any parent who constantly has to pick up after their kid, Ryan feels the pain. So much so that she said she sometimes feels "like a foreign nanny who’s given birth to my mean British boss."

On Raising A Fancy Kid

Ryan declared during her Netflix special that her daughter is almost too fancy for her. She said that during a family vacation, instead of telling Ryan she was done in a swimming pool, she said, "Mummy, prepare my towel." Is it wrong if I still find that totally adorable?

On Her Kid Being The One Who Runs The House

As much as I might claim I can be a disciplinarian when needed, my son definitely knows how to boss me around in my own home. And Ryan seems to get that too. When a contractor asked Ryan when the decision-maker of her house would be home to go over renovation plans, Ryan said, "She’s at school for two more hours, so you better hurry up because that girl is mean to staff."

Despite their differences, it sounds like Ryan has a blast parenting her daughter and she seems more than happy to be doing it as a strong single mom for the time being. If I’m being completely honest, Ryan is also giving me some serious parenting goals.