7 Little Ways Abstaining From Sex Makes Your Life Better

I've always thought of sex as a healthy, normal part of life and relationships, but that doesn't mean it's necessary. There's a whole lot of talk about ways to make sex better and how it can improve your life and relationships, but there are some little ways abstaining from sex makes your life better, too. And trust me, it goes beyond saving money on condoms.

I may be a sex-positive person and enjoy being intimate with my boyfriend, but that doesn't mean that I think sex is all there is to life, love, and intimacy. Despite the overwhelming health benefits of sex, there are plenty of ways to improve your life without it. For those with an SO, abstaining from sex may reap benefits like growing more intimate with your partner on a personal level or redefining what sex means for your relationship. For single people, taking a break from sex can give you more time to focus on what makes you feel confident about yourself or give you the opportunity to turn your attention to other things you want out of life.

Obviously, being sex-positive means you do what you want when it comes to sex. If you want to have it 10 times a day or you want to give it up three months, fine. But if you find yourself in a position of abstaining from sex, know that these seven little things might just be a benefit of your decision and improve your life.


You Lower Your Risk Of UTIs

Hey, this counts as like 20 million benefits, am I right? Having sex is the strongest cause of recurrent UTIs, so giving up a little time in the sheets can save you from a lot of pain and cranberry juice.


You Have More Time For Creativity

There are a lot of things that can hinder your creativity, but your sex life may be one of them, too. When you're not having sex, you not only have more time to pursue creative endeavors, but your hormones and emotions may lead the way to some groundbreaking new stuff.


You Find Self-Worth In Other Areas Of Your Life

Prevention noted that, without sex, you may feel insecure. Although that makes sense, I think it's also possible to focus on the positive spin. Without sex, you can find your self-worth in other areas. There's no need to feel insecure. Instead, determine why you feel less confident without sex and build yourself up without it as a crutch.


You Discover Other Ways To Be Intimate

Being intimate is so much more than just having sex. When you managed to abstain from sex, you can rediscover intimacy and its many forms like good conversation, physical touch that doesn't lead to sex, and accepting another person for who they are.


You Discover How Important Sex Is To You

Are you going crazy while abstaining? Do you enjoy the time without sex or are you learning that sex is something you have to have in a relationship? Your time without it may enlighten you to the level of importance you put on sex and what it truly means to you.


You Find New Ways To Feel Sexy & Wanted

Of course you feel sexy and desired when you're in the middle of a romp, but without it, you have to find new ways to feel like the goddess that you are. Your body confidence can go way up without sex as you learn to love yourself and feel good in your body on your own.


You Can Become More Sex-Positive

If you've ever felt pressured to have sex, felt like it was non-negotiable in a relationship, or that it was the most important thing in building intimacy, then abstaining from it can change all of that. You may even become more sex-positive as a result when you learn that sex isn't the center of everything.