11 Benefits From Orgasms, Aside From Your Own Pleasure

When you're having sex, you want an orgasm because, hello, it feels amazing. But that intimate moment does more for you than make you feel good — it's good for you. Yep, there are serious benefits to having an orgasm.

Sex is already considered a great form of exercise and can improve your health. With all of those feel-good endorphins, NBC News reports that having sex with your partner can actually ease anger and lower your stress levels. And your favorite activity? Well you can count it as your cardio for the day. Some time between the sheets can burn between 85 and 250 calories depending on how long you and your partner can go, according to Women's Health. Plus, think of all those muscles you're working in your thighs, your core, and your butt. And all of these benefits? They don't even require an orgasm, just the actual act of sex.

But now you have 11 reasons to really work towards an orgasm in the sheets other than your own pleasure. If you're having trouble getting to an orgasm, you might need to try a new position that amplifies your chances of cumming, or simply try out a few tips to make your orgasms better. But no matter how you get there, these TK benefits from orgasms are sure to motivate you, and your partner, to make you cum with every date in the sheets.


They Can Make Your Period End Faster

If you've ever been wary about sex on your period, you may want to go for it. When you orgasm, you're experiencing uterine contractions and , as Cosmopolitan reports, any menstrual blood in your uterus is squeezed out as you climax. You may experience a little bit more bleeding than usual after sex, but Aunt Flo may make her way out of there.


They Can Help You Sleep

It's no secret that after a powerful orgasm, most of us want to curl up and go to sleep. But why? It's not just from being exhausted after your romp. According to Self, oxytocin, the "love hormone" released after your big O, also causes endorphins to rush in and they can have a sedative effect.


They Relieve Stress

Feeling anxious and stressed about a work project? Family drama messing up your zen? Then you should have an orgasm. Studies have found that your orgasm releases oxytocin, which can lower blood pressure and stress levels.


They Increase Pain Thresholds

Totally explains why having an orgasm during childbirth is something to go for, right? Again, that awesome oxytocin hormone released after an orgasm can increase your pain threshold. A study actually found that the pain tolerance threshold increased in women by 74.6 percent when their vagina was stimulated and the pain detection threshold increased by 106.7 percent.


They Reduce Your Man's Risk Of Heart Attacks

You can tell your man to keep eating those Cheerios, but you can also make him cum. ABC News reports that men who have sex at least three times a week lower their risk of heart attack by 50 percent. Worth it.


They Can Also Cure His Man Cold

Thank god, right? All you've ever wanted is a painless way to make him quit whining about his runny nose. A study found that when men masturbated to completion, their orgasms increased the number of white blood cells, so their immune system became stronger and they can fight off illnesses faster than usual.


They Can Help You Live Longer

Sex in general is good for your body with all of its cardio and whatnot, but having an orgasm? Well, The Mirror reported that it can increase your infection-fighting cells by 20 percent, making you even healthier.


They Are Great For Skincare

I've got to mention that awesome hormone oxytocin again. Good Housekeeping reports that oxytocin lowers your cortisol levels and decreases the inflammation of your skin and can make pimples less noticeable. Who needs concealer when you can just cum?


They Can Keep Your Man From Cheating

Again — oxytocin does it all. Because the hormone helps people to bond, including mothers and babies, it can also keep your man from cheating on you. A study found that boosting the oxytocin in a man in a monogamous relationship kept him from being interested in or engaging with other attractive women.


They Keep Your Bones Healthy

Put down the milk and have an orgasm already. Oxytocin has been found to increase bone density, making it a hormone that can help prevent osteoporosis and other bone diseases.


They Can Help You Conceive

Not only will an orgasm relax you enough during sex to keep you from worrying about the best way to conceive, but the actual act of an orgasm may boost your chances of getting pregnant, according to Parents. As you have an orgasm, you experience uterine contractions and experts think that these contractions can help your body retain more sperm and propel them into your cervix.

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