7 Low-Key Signs Your Partner Is Going To Cry When Your Baby's Born

There's more than one way to react to the birth of your child, to be sure. Some are cryers, some are stoic, some are prone to laughter, and others are simply stuck in shock. So while you might think your partner isn't the crying type, there's no way of knowing how he or she will react until that baby enters the world. There are, however, some low-key signs your partner is going to cry when your baby's born, so you can prepare to see some waterworks.

My partner isn't that much of a crier... unless there's an emotionally-charged incident that calls for it, like, say, when his soccer team loses. Again. (Just kidding... kind of.) He did cry during the births of both our children, though, and even though I didn't expect him to. He's more of a "put on a happy face" kind of guy, even if the world seems to be burning down around him or something incredibly moving is taking place right in front of his eyes. His perpetual positive attitude is great for lifting my spirits, but when I think a situation calls for tears, and he doesn't provide any, his reaction can feel... cold.

Luckily, after I pushed our kids into the world I spotted my partner's wet cheeks, and not a second before concluding that my loving partner was officially dead inside. So with that in mind, here's some signs that your partner's about to lose it during the birth of your baby.

They *Swear* They Won't

My partner tied to convince me, and himself, that he wouldn't be a crier when he met his child for the first time. Turns out, he was the first to cry. Well, after the baby, that is.

They're Nostalgic

You know your partner is on the verge of tears when they're bringing up "the good old days." If they're constantly reminiscing on your pre-pregnancy life, they're going to be nothing but a walking ball of feelings when your little one is born. Tears are on the way, my friend.

They Choke Up Talking About It

If your partner gets a little misty eyed at the mere mention of your little one's arrival, they're losing it for sure. Mine did when we saw the ultrasounds, but when talked about labor and delivery he remained straight-faced. This is classic avoidance, my friends.

They Put A Box Of Tissues In The Hospital Bag & Claim They're For You

If your partner tells you they're "doing you a favor" by packing a box of tissues in the hospital bag, they're planning on using them themselves. You'll be leaking so many bodily fluids tears will be the least of your worries.

They've Practicing Labor & Delivery Breathing Techniques

For themselves. Duh.

I mean, sure. They're going to be by your side and helping you make it through every excrutiating contraction, but those breathing techniques are just as much for them as they are for you. At least they paid attention in that birth class, right?

They've Cried At Ultrasounds

If your partner cried the first time they heard their child's heartbeat or saw their still-forming body on an ultrasound, they're shedding some tears when they see their child's face for the first time. No question about it.

They Cried When They Found Out You Were Pregnant

Big life news usually comes with a few celebratory tears, and hearing that you're pregnant (and you want to remain pregnant) usually means someone is going to be crying. If that someone was your partner, chances are they're going to cry when your pregnancy ends, too. After all, it's the end of an era and a start of a new one.