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7 Movies On Netflix That Embrace The Complex Bonds Between Moms & Daughters


There are so many movies out there that examine the important but occasionally fraught relationships that moms have with their daughters. And these seven mother-daughter movies on Netflix are just a few, though they'll all be readily available to watch on Mother's Day this year. When the holiday rolls around this Sunday, May 10, you may find yourself looking for something on-theme to enjoy. Luckily, Netflix has a few things to offer.

Most of the films on this list don't shy away from how complex the bond between a mom and daughter can be, though they all interpret it in different ways. Some are spiky and tense; others are bizarre and surreal and some go for heartwarming comedy. Hopefully one of these movies will be able to match whatever mood you find yourself in this Sunday.

After all, any movie can be a Mother's Day movie if it's something you enjoy with your mom or your daughter; it's all about what brings you together. But if you're looking for some new options, look no further. Whether it's messy or funny, dramatic or ridiculous, Netflix has a mother-daughter movie for everyone. So without further ado, here are a few possibilities to explore.


Much of this feel-good teen comedy revolves around the titular Dumplin's distant relationship with her former beauty queen mom. Their history is knotty and they don't really understand each other, but they find a way to bridge those gaps with time.

20th Century Women

Annette Bening stars as Dorothea Fields, a mom of two boys and a boarding household landlord living in California in 1979 who begins to care for her tenants, too. Although the female tenants aren't Fields’ actual daughters, the film highlights how mother-daughter relationships aren't always conventional.

A Bad Mom’s Christmas

The "Bad Moms" are back in this Christmas-themed movie, and this time they're dealing with their own mothers. The comedy highlights just how funny and stressful the holidays can be for everyone, but especially when you’re around the woman who raised you.

Yours, Mine, & Ours

In this 2005 film, a widow with 10 children marries her high school sweetheart with eight kids of his own, making for one big blended family. With 18 children, the movie focuses more on family dynamics, rather than mother-daughter relationships, but it does feature little sentimental moments mothers and daughters will appreciate.

It Takes Two

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen star as Amanda and Alyssa in this 1995 classic. The two lookalikes meet at summer camp and decide to switch places, and when the girls realize that Amanda’s social worker friend Diane and Alyssa’s father are hitting it off, they do their best to get them together. No, this isn’t The Parent Trap and Diane isn’t actually her mom, but the unconventional, mothering relationship between Amanda and Diane is so strong.

Rip Tide

In Rip Tide, teenage model Cora has always worked hard to live up to the expectations of her mother. But when she goes to live with her aunt in Australia after an embarrassing video of her goes viral, she learns a few lessons along the way. The relationship between Cora and her aunt serves as a reminder that the word "mom" many many meanings.

The Edge Of Seventeen

Hailee Steinfeld stars in this coming-of-age film, offering a look at what it’s like to grow up as a young woman in the modern world. And any coming-of-age film is not complete without a complicated relationship between mother and daughter, and that’s exactly what’s highlighted in The Edge Of Seventeen. Kyra Sedgewick stars as Steinfeld’s “well meaning, but completely ineffective” mom.

These movies feature all kinds of mothers and daughters, with relationships that run the gamut from deeply complex and unconventional to warm and genuine. Any of them could easily accompany your Mother's Day, depending on how you choose to celebrate.

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