Get Out Your Sparkliest Palettes, Cause New Year's Eve Makeup Is Oh So Glam

When it comes to makeup, Halloween isn't the only holiday that offers an excellent excuse to pull out your most colorful palettes and glittery liners. In fact, New Year's Eve could be *the* most exciting night of the year for makeup addicts: On December 31, the focus is on glam (on October 31, it's gory). Plus, that reckless NYE vibe gives you permission to be as bold as you want — with your makeup, that is — even if you're a "mascara only" girl the rest of the year. So what are some of the hottest New Year's Eve makeup looks to try this year?

If you're the type who regards wandering through the aisles of Sephora as retail therapy of the highest caliber, there are probably about a zillion trendy tutorials you've been meaning to try for the longest time anyway — but just didn't have the opportunity. (In theory, yes, one should feel free enough to wear fire engine red mascara to school pick-up, but... does one? Not really.) So make this New Year's Eve your moment: Your moment to finally take those holographic highlighters and jewel-toned shadows out of the drawer and out on the town. And hopefully to get photographic evidence, because good makeup doesn't just get wiped away with micellar water at the end of the night. It gets immortalized on Instagram.


Spotlight Eye

The "spotlight" eye is pretty much what the name suggests: Contrasting shades of eyeshadow are used to make the middle of the eyelid pop (almost like a spotlight is shining on it). This look can get pretty dramatic, as Allure explained, but it can also be relatively subtle. Recreate the above using Urban Decay's Naked Cherry Eyeshadow Palette ($49, Sephora).


Glass Skin

The K-Beauty term for skin that's so healthy and hydrated that "it’s almost translucent, like a shard of glass" — as Christine Chang, cofounder of Korean beauty boutique Glow Recipe, told Vogue — so-called "glass skin" is something that would be achieved through an utterly perfect skincare regime... in a fairy tale. Luckily, it can be faked (as demonstrated in the above video). A few products that can help you get there for the night: Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist ($20, Sephora), belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb ($38, Sephora), and Kaja Cheeky Stamp Blendable Blush ($24, Sephora).


Glitter Eye

"Shimmer and glitter will be the beauty trend of the season," makeup artist Diane Kendal told Refinery29 months before the holiday. "The look has been very prevalent." While there are endless variations on this theme, the above tutorial is for a look that's straight-up, old-school glamour (sultry eyes, peachy-pink cheeks, red lips), plus some added sparkle in the form of Loose Glitter from Anastasia Beverly Hills ($15, Sephora). (Don't forget the Glitter Adhesive for $18!).


Frosted Lips

Personally, frosted lips always made me think of Charlie's Angels (as in Farrah Fawcett, not Cameron Diaz), but lately the look has been feeling surprisingly modern. Check out the above video featuring Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Lip Frost Lipstick ($30, Sephora).


Smoky Eye

You literally cannot go wrong with a smoky eye done well, and this slightly softer take plays up warm, earthy tones that are much more forgiving than full-on kohl (particularly if you're a smoky eye novice). The above tutorial uses Wander Beauty's gorgeously pigmented Wanderess Off Duty Eyeshadow Palette ($25, Sephora) and Slide Liner Automatic Gel Eyeliner in Black Sand ($23, Sephora).


Smoky Glitter Eye

You've seen a glitter eye, you've seen a smoky eye... and now, the smoky glitter eye! Clearly, this is an eye whose time has come. And getting back to the smoky eye novice thing, it's also really, really easy to create with Milk's Glitter Stick ($30, Sephora) and Eye Pigment in Charcoal ($24, Sephora).


All Over Glow

If your skin can't be glass, it can at least be fairy dust (or star dust or moon dust or some other shimmery dust that's nothing like the dust on your bookcases). And it couldn't be easier to pull off, especially with a product like Custom Enhancer Drops in Moonlight from CoverFX ($42, Sephora).

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