7 Reasons Why Your Valentine's Day Baby Is The Actual Best

Valentine's Day is a holiday full of rich history and tradition that goes far beyond the flowers and chocolate we associate with the holiday today. The holiday has the dichotomous historical echoes of riotous bacchanalia and loving marriage — it's Roman Empire and Hallmark. Being born on Valentine's Day means that you can celebrate both as you get older, and have a great time doing it. That's why there's so many reasons why Valentine's Day babies are the best babies. (Come at me, Halloween babies.)

The actual origins of the holiday are murky at best, as The New York Times reported in 2017. There are theories ranging from its origins as a latter day celebration of Lupercalia — where men and women got paired off after a wine-soaked party that supposedly boosted fertility — to the celebration of a man who just wanted soldiers to be able to marry. The theme, although celebrated differently, remains the same: It's all about making babies. So why wouldn't the very product of such a composite holiday be as celebrated as the holiday itself?

Yes, as the babies grow into adults, they may find themselves peeved at how crowded restaurants are on their birthday, or the fact that half of their gifts are heart-shaped. But, as someone who was born on 4/20, I would tell them, it could be worse.


No One Will Forget Their Birthday

As soon as someone finds out their birthday, they'll remember it always. I have several friends born on Valentine's Day, going all the way back to my first grade bestie who moved to Richmond, Virginia before our second grade year, and I still remember that her birthday was on V-Day. I haven't spoken to her in almost 30 years. (I should see if she's on Facebook and wish her a happy birthday. Not weird at all, right?)


Half-Priced Candy

If you hold their birthday party on the weekend after Valentine's Day, you win at the sale bin.

My birthday frequently falls just after Easter. For many years, half-off Reese's Eggs accompanied my parties. Did anyone care that they were from Easter? No, because they're Reese's peanut butter cup eggs and no one complains about those. Valentine's Day has far fancier offerings, and the steeply-discounted confections could be utilized to make a store-bought cake really pop, like they do on Studio DIY.


They're Aquarians

Aquarians are awesome. They combine a steady presence with a fun energy, according to The website noted that they are "deep thinkers with a love of helping others. Highly intellectual, this is a sign of fierce independence that prizes intuition tempered with logic."


They'll Have A Lot Of Birthday Twins

More babies than ever before are being born on Feb. 14, as per Bloomlife. That means one bonus thing for enterprising parents — group parties. They're quite popular in my area of Brooklyn, as they save a ton on venue and food. We have a strict "no gifts" policy so that parents don't have to shell out for six kids at once. Other families not in the group have adopted similar policies so that no one feels left out. It's pretty great.


They Might Be More Cheerful

Babies born during the period of Valentine's Day are apparently given to a sweeter disposition later on in their life than the rest of us, according to a Hungarian study reported in The Telegraph.


They Might Be Famous

Apparently, Aquarians are more likely than any other sign to eventually be famous, according to the Journal of Social Science. If you were thinking of starting that family YouTube channel, now might be the time to do it. Bonus points if you're also an Aquarian.


There's Already A Party At School

Yes, you're going to have to do slightly more than a cardboard valentine and a pencil, but unlike the rest of us who have to bring in buckets of prizes, simply adding a bit of candy or a cupcake to the classroom party will suffice. It doesn't sound like a big deal until you've experienced the hell that is forgetting to make gift bags for 30 kids the night before your kid's birthday and little Ahmed brought everyone cakes and a new puppy last week on his birthday. (The competition is brutal and I hate it, yet I still abide by it.)

That being said, babies born at any time are awesome, but holiday babies have a little extra when it comes to fun and convenience.