7 Safe Playdough Recipes For Kids

Kids love playdough. They can entertain themselves for hours rolling and molding the substance. But as much fun as it is for them, it can be a nightmare for parents, who worry about whether or not they will actually try to take a bite out of their "hamburger" or "pizza" creations. If you're looking to make a worry-free playdough for your kids, then you should keep a few safe playdough recipes for kids on hand.

According to Very Well, most commercial brands of play dough are nontoxic, but that doesn't mean you can totally let your guard down. You should always check the packaging for ingredients and warnings. That being said, if you don't trust labels, and what to know exactly what's in your kids' dough, you can easily make it yourself using ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen. And as a bonus, letting your kids help out can be a fun way to teach them about measuring ingredients and reading recipes.

All of the recipes in this list are considered totally safe for kids, but you should be sure to check the ingredients for things your kids may be allergic to before allowing them to play. Once you've confirmed everything is safe, you can relax and let your kids have fun. And all you'll have to stress out about is cleaning up afterwards.


2-Ingredient Playdough

The super soft two ingredient playdough recipe from Pins and Things is easy to make and smells great. Made with just conditioner and corn starch, you can add food coloring to make your own soft, colorful play doh that your kids will love.


No Cook Playdough

If you try the edible, no cook playdough recipe from Nicko's Kids DIY, you may think you're making a loaf of bread rather than a toy for your kids. But with salt, flour, vegetable oil, and water, you can guarantee that it is perfectly safe.


Jell-O Playdough

Jell-O is the not-so-secret ingredient in the Jell-O playdough recipe from Pins and Things. Since it's so easy to make, you won't mind making it in tons of fun colors.


Koolaid Playdough

You may not want your kids to drink Koolaid, but you certainly can let them play with it. The Koolaid playdough recipe from Before And After TV is easy and safe for kids to mold into anything they want.


Edible Playdough

If you make Karina Garcia's edible playdough, you can guarantee your kids will want to eat it. The main ingredient in the recipe is marshmallows, which means that it's actually fondant, and that it tastes delicious.


Cookie Playdough

The cookie playdough recipe from Mommy Hacks might not make it to your kids' play table. They won't be able to resist taking a bite out of all of the delicious ingredients. Fortunately, there are no eggs, so it's safe to play with and eat.


Peeps Playdough

Now that Easter is over, you probably have a bunch of leftover Peeps laying around. Rather than give your kids cavities and a sugar rush, why not give this Peeps playdough recipe from the Kids Activities Blog a try?