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7 Adorable Pieces Of Evidence That Prove Meghan Markle Will Be The Best Mom

Every time Meghan Markle shows up around kids, the world breathes a collective “aww.” The Duchess of Sussex just seems so comfortable and relaxed that it’s easy to forget she’s a celebrity and, of course, a member of the royal family. For just a few examples, here are seven sweet Meghan Markle moments with kids that prove she’s going to be the greatest mom to her bundle of joy. Not that she’ll be alone in that, Prince Harry holds his own just fine when it comes to his interactions with kids, too.

Markle is due to give birth sometime in late April or early, according to Cosmopolitan. The sex of Baby Sussex hasn’t been revealed yet — the couple has said they don't know, according to Marie Claire — but British oddsmakers are still fielding bets about what it’s going to be. And that's not all people are curious about; according to TODAY, there was such a flurry of betting on the odds that Markle is expecting twins that the option was eventually called off entirely.

Whether she and Prince Harry are expecting a boy or a girl, one or two, these are just a few moments that let us know that Markle is going to be a great mom — in fact, she already is.

Every Time She Touches Her Bump

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Markle has been more hands-on with her bump than almost anyone I've ever seen, certainly more so than any royal. But the gesture is both affectionate and protective, and makes it seem like she's destined to be a great mom.

Whenever She's Gentle With Her Fans

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Markle and Prince Harry met students at the Lycée Qualifiant Secondary School in Asni, according to Newsweek. One young girl seemed super-shy, but Markle put her at ease with her trademark eye-level contact.

When She Received The Sweetest Gift

Just a day after announcing the pregnancy, Prince Harry and Markle were on their tour of Australia when a little girl handed her a stuffed koala. "For your baby," was the girl's simple comment, according to CTV News, which was the sweetest message she could ever have said. And what was even sweeter was Markle's ear-to-ear smile as she received the gift.

When She Wowed The Crowd With A Hug

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One little girl snuck through the railing at an event in New Zealand to greet the duchess with a hug, according to PopSugar. Though normally that's far outside royal habits, Markle couldn't help but give into the precious girl.

When She Took Advice From A Young Expert

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During their tour of Australia, Prince Harry and Markle took part in a local tradition called welly-wanging, or throwing a rubber boot as close to a target as possible. The duchess beat her husband, according to BuzzFeed, which may have been the result of the advice she received here from one youngster.

When She Broke Protocol For A Good Reason

Markle and Prince Harry were meeting with young people from a STEM academy when one girl told the prince that she wanted to be an actress. Prince Harry took her by the hand and led her over to Markle, who encouraged her to stick with her dreams, according to Town & Country.

When She Beat Out Prince Harry For Attention

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Two children were selected by a local zoo to present bouquets to Prince Harry and Markle, according to the Daily Mail. But when the time came, neither of the youngsters wanted anything to do with the prince — instead bestowing both bouquets upon the radiant duchess. Kids can always tell who they trust, right?

If these cute moments are any example, Baby Sussex will be so well cared for by both members of this parenting dream team. And the world can't wait to see them in action when the time comes.