The cast of "the Descendants"
Disney Channel/David Bukach

It's Good To Be Bad In These 'Descendants' Halloween Costumes

My daughter is 8 years old and that means that I can sing all of the songs from The Descendants, and I've never even seen the bloody thing. I've just heard it. Often. Given the movie's popularity, it's no wonder that Descendants Halloween costumes are at the top of everyone's lists this year, and let me tell you, there are some really great options available at every price range.

Being a Disney film trilogy, you know that the Disney Store will be stocking all of the most popular characters' costumes in their retail outlets and online, but plenty of other stores will be stocking them as well. Some of the most creative takes on the costumes come from handmade juggernaut Etsy. Whether you want it in a tutu form or as a onesie, they've got it. However, places like Target and Amazon are also bringing the heat this year, making your ability to bedeck your babies in fancy, magical, god-themed frocks easier than ever. You can even get customized, Descendants-themed trick or treat bags to take your children through the neighborhood as they sing "I always thought that I'd be the queen... and there's no in between... "

It's stuck in your head now, isn't it? You know the remedy for that? Online shopping.


Uma Wig

None of the characters from The Descendants are complete without their wigs or hair. From the parents down to the kids, the hair is wild and absolutely essential to the characters. Yes, you could manage to do this with spray-on hair color, but that stuff smells terrible and is hard to wash out. Wigs are easy, can be reworn, and they're just a ton of fun.


Uma Costume

To tell you the truth, I had to Google who Uma's parents were, and now it makes much more sense. She's Ursula's daughter, and the cool fringe mimics her multi-legged mother. Her songs are some of the best in the show, and I'd be lying if I told you that I didn't listen to "What's My Name" while I work out.

It's cleaner than Eminem, so it's safe to jam out to when kids are underfoot.


Mal Costume

Mal is by far the most popular character in the third installment of the series, so I suggest that if your child wants to be Mal for Halloween, you hurry up and get on this. Otherwise, they'll all be gone.


Evie Redone

How cute is this? It's just different enough from the original to be exciting, and yet, it's still totally on-brand. Yes, this is a bit pricier than many other of the items on this list, but you're paying for quality craftsmanship, and supporting a small business. It's worth it, in my opinion.



Oh, it's cute that you thought you and your partner were getting out of dressing up like one of the characters from The Descendants. You're really, really not. This vest and tee shirt goes up all the way to adult XXL. Congratulations, it's now a family affair.



I love the color on this costume. It's such a universally gorgeous shade that if they had it in an adult size 8 tall, I'd absolutely wear it. I just hope that Audrey is one of the evil villains, because I plan on stealing all my kids Snickers bars from their treat bags.


Treat Bag

The fantastic thing about this treat bag is that it can easily be used as a tote bag or grocery bag after your kids use it for their Halloween treats. My daughter would probably use it to keep her soccer boots and spare socks in, because that's just the kind of gal she is.