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The 'Big Brother' Live Feeds Are Full Of Content That Doesn't Make It To TV

Big Brother isn't your typical reality competition show. Aside from the fact that the players live together in the same house while conspiring against each other, they are also broadcast on 24 hour live feeds online. Only the most dedicated (or obsessed) fans keep up with them, however, so there are some things on the Big Brother live feeds you might have missed if you are strictly a show watcher. In fact, sometimes showmances and friendships can completely slip under the radar if they don't make it to the condensed and edited version of the show that airs on TV.

The live feeds are accessed by signing up for a paid CBS All Access subscription, which will enable you to watch the live feeds anytime you want from your phone, tablet, or other device where the app is available. This season has been especially full of the kind of live feed content that fans live for. There was the houseguests' talk on the feeds of Kat and Michie hooking up in the house before the feeds went live. And if you only watch the show, you probably wouldn't have known about Michie's plan to blindside Tommy with his evil genius-level plan to turn the rest of the house against him before it aired in an episode.

You take the good and the bad with the feeds, but sometimes it can feel like you're watching two totally different shows. If you want to get to know the Big Brother houseguests better, the feeds are where it's at. And this season, there is a lot you might have missed if you still haven't pulled the switch on diving into the feeds.

There Is A Running Joke About Michie & His Watermelons

The show dedicated a 30 second segment about Michie's love of watermelons and it was funny for fans who are strictly show watchers. If you happen to catch the live feeds, however, you would know that his love of watermelons is a *thing* this season.

Every time he was the Head of Household, producers stocked the HOH room with tons of watermelons to the point where it was almost ridiculous. And there is regularly several watermelons in the supply room, likely for Michie.

The watermelons are a running gag this season that production seems to be in on along with the houseguests.

Nicole & Michie Are Like Siblings At This Point

It's hard to fit in every relationship and friendship in the edited Big Brother episodes. So if you only watch the show when it airs throughout the week, then you probably don't know just how close Nicole and Michie are.

But unlike his bond with Holly, Michie's bond with Nicole has more of a brother and sister dynamic. Fans who watch the live feeds are definitely into it and it can help viewers understand how he and Holly built a final four alliance with Cliff and Nicole.

Somewhere along the way, Nicole and Michie developed an appreciation and respect for each other and their friendship has bloomed on the live feeds.

Cliff Is A Goner & Nicole Knows It

It's that time of season where the final four is here and three of them must turn on one to get them out and continue on with the game. Unfortunately for Cliff, this means getting him out first. But unbeknownst to him at first, Nicole knew about the plan to target him for a while.

On the live feeds, Nicole had Michie in one ear about getting Cliff out despite Cliff being led to believe Michie has his back. While Cliff was moving along with no idea of this, however, Nicole was struggling the secret that Michie is dead set on getting him out. It's just a mess.

Holly & Kat Might Have Known Each Other Before Big Brother

Although Kat has been out of the Big Brother house for a few weeks and has moved on to the jury house, fans probably remember the conversations she and Holly had on the live feeds prior to her eviction.

On the live feeds, the two contestants talked about running in the same circles outside of Big Brother and noted that although they might not know each other as well as some other houseguests might, they are still close because of their associations outside of the show.

Unfortunately, the idea that they know each other and are Facebook friends never made it to the game as a juicy storyline, but live feed watchers know what could have been.

The Latest House Meeting Was Only Teased On The Feeds

The house meeting in Sunday's episode will go down as one of the biggest moments of this season. It might even be considered one of the most monumental house meetings in the show's history. But feed watchers were deprived of most of it.

The only thing Big Brother feed watchers knew was that there was a house meeting which resulted from Michie's web of lies and that right before things escalated, the live feeds were cut. This isn't anything new, since production often cuts off the feeds when the houseguests talk about production or sing copyrighted music. But fans who are also feed watchers weren't happy.

Michie Didn't Follow The Have-Not Rules

In the past, there was a lot more focus on the have-not aspect of Big Brother. Houseguests would be chosen each week to be have-nots and sleep in uncomfortable quarters with "slop" as their main source of nutrition. It is essentially a protein-laden vegetarian-safe oatmeal. But houseguests who are have-nots aren't allowed to eat anything other than slop for the week.

This season, Michie volunteered to be a have-not one week and, as fans saw on the feeds, he didn't play by all of the have-not rules. He ate other food in the shower in an attempt to do it secretly. But with the Big Brother live feeds, we see all. And fans weren't happy about Michie skirting by production and getting away with breaking the rules.

Nicole Is Ready To Fight For Her Life

Nicole was one of the more unsuspecting frontrunners this season. A few weeks ago, she might not have been on many fans' radars as a candidate for the final two. Lately, though, she has been fighting tooth and nail to maintain her spot in the finale. Recently on the feeds, she went so far as to tell Michie, "You two are the martyrs of the season. I hope they raise balloons in your honor and have festivus for you and everybody cheers your name in the streets" in reference to Michie and Holly when he talked to her about targeting Cliff for the upcoming eviction.

In the next few episodes before the season finale airs on Sept. 25, some of these live feed highlights could make their way into one of the episodes, but there is a lot that fans miss out on by missing the live feeds. Like the three weekly episodes of Big Brother, diving in the feeds can be a lot to handle. This season, however, they tend to play out like a whole other show with this much content to catch up on every few weeks.

Big Brother airs on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET or 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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