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Jackson & Kathryn Have The First 'Big Brother' Showmance Of The Season

Just like game-changing twists and endurance competitions that last three hours, showmances are an integral part of the Big Brother world. So it should come as no surprise that there is already a showmance brewing. Tuesday’s episode showed fans that Kathryn and Jackson are Big Brother’s first showmance of the season. There’s still time for one of them to dip out of the showmance and focus on their own individual game, but right now, they seem pretty smitten.

In the episode, Jackson repeatedly said that he didn't want to be in a showmance and that he wasn't in a showmance with Kathryn. However, every candid shot of the two of them showed cuddling and lots of flirtatious exchanges. Showmances can actually sometimes work in players' favors and each season there are typically a handful to help bring some light into a show that can get pretty dark in terms of backstabbing and backdooring. With a showmance also comes loyalty that can sometimes extend to whoever each partner of the showmance is aligned to.

If you ask Jackson, he will probably continue to deny that he’s in a showmance, but let’s be honest — there is little chance that there’s not *something* going on between them, however serious or casual it might be.

Ahead of the Big Brother 21 premiere, Jackson said in his interview with Jeff Schroeder that he was not going into the house for a showmance. "I’m here for the game, I’m here for $500,000," he said at the time. "Not a relationship." He did admit, however, that he can be easily distracted. And when you run out of things to do or topics to talk about in the Big Brother house, it can be easy to slip into a showmance before you know what’s happening.

In Kathryn’s pre-season interview, she said that she was looking forward to making strong friendships in the house. So far, she’s done that, and if this showmance is legit, then she was able to take that a step further before the first official elimination even happened.

While some houseguests might see showmances as a weakness or a distraction to take you away from the game, there have been some successful Big Brother couples in the past. So if Kathryn and Jackson’s showmance on Big Brother is the real deal, they will be in good company.

Big Brother 20 runner-up Tyler met and began a showmance with fellow houseguest Angela last season. Now, they live together in California and, judging by Instagram, they seem to be doing better than ever. Hayleigh and Fessy, who were also memorable players last summer, also struck up a more serious romance outside of the house and he recently posted a one year anniversary picture of the two of them on his Instagram. Bayleigh and Swaggy C, who got engaged on the Big Brother 20 season finale, are still together too.

Maybe there was something in the water last season, but those odds make showmances look like a good idea rather than something the players should shy away from. I know that Big Brother isn't The Bachelor, but it seems like it can be a good place to meet a future boyfriend or girlfriend whether you want to or not. It can also ensure that, no matter what, you have someone in your corner at all times.

That’s not to say that Kathryn and Jackson are going to be together all season or that one of them isn't on his or her way out of the house, but if they like each other enough, it's not a bad idea to stick with the showmance and see where it goes. Unfortunately, neither of them are ready to admit that they are even in a bona fide showmance, though, so hopefully once they stop living in denial, they can enjoy themselves.