7 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Have Sex After A Baby

You probably have a good idea of what happens to your body when you have sex and what happens to your body when you have a baby. But are there things that happen to your body when you have sex after a baby, or is there some kind of alternate reality where everything stays exactly the same and the only thing that changes is having sex for three seconds so you and your partner can get some sleep already?

Spoiler alert: Nothing stays the same after having a baby. You know this by now. Even postpartum sex is different and it's time to recognize that and get used to it. Because, if you really think about it, all of the sex you're ever going to have now, for the rest of your life, is considered postpartum. When people say "postpartum bod," I want to laugh. There is no such thing. It's just your body now and you just have to own it, much like owning sex after having a baby.

I know you've heard the horror stories, but hey — sex after having a baby isn't all bad. If you've already gotten back into the swing of things, you've probably recognized that sex after baby is different and not necessarily in a good or bad way. But you may not have realized these seven things that happen to your body when you have sex after a baby. (And if you haven't had sex since giving birth, consider this just some extra knowledge for whenever you're ready. Yes, one day you will be, I promise.)


Your Vagina May Not Lubricate

Unfortunately, vaginal dryness is a problem many postpartum women have to deal with, no matter how turned on you are. According to Woman's Day, you can blame all of those hormonal changes for your lack of vaginal lubrication, so stock up on your favorite lubes to make sex easier and more pleasurable.


Your Clitoris Can Be More Enlarged Than Usual

There's no excuse for your partner not being able to find your clitoris now. Cosmopolitan noted that when you have frequent sex, your clitoris is already enlarged because of the blood flow to your pelvis. But according to Parenting, your clitoris can stay enlarged from all of the blood flow it had while you were pregnant. Put the two of those together and your clitoris may be bigger than it ever was before.


Your Breasts Can Leak

Just as you're about to orgasm, you notice puddles of breast milk on the bed. What gives? According to Baby Center, oxytocin, the hormone released during an orgasm, is the same hormone responsible for your breast milk's let-down reflex. So as you're stimulated and preparing to cum, your breasts may release some fluids of their own.


It May Cum Faster Than Before

Woman's Day noted that the nerve endings around your clitoris may increase after childbirth, making orgasms happen more frequently and possibly even more intense than usual.


It Can Become Painful In Certain Positions

Doggy style was your favorite, but now your body can't seem to get in that position without you wincing in pain. You can blame it on age, but it could also be from lower back pain. According to Parenting, when you're pregnant, a hormone named relaxin is released to loosen your pelvic joints for childbirth. But this loosening can also mess with your spinal joints, making your back feel sore and strained.


It Protects Itself Against Those Daycare Germs

Hey, sex and an extra dose of protection from baby colds? Sounds like a winner. Research has shown that those who have frequent sex also have a higher level of salivary immunoglobulin a (IgA), an antibody that builds your body's defense against viruses.


It May Lose All Of Its Previous Mojo

Remember, you already knew sex was going to be different after having a baby. But according to Today's Parent, your body could lose all of its erogenous zones after having a baby. Maybe your breasts were a huge turn-on before, but whether it's a mental block or pain from breastfeeding, you no longer want them to be touched. Normal, but a bummer nonetheless.