The Homewares You'll Find In Every Trendy Airbnb Are Major Design Inspo

Searching for home decor inspo used to mean flipping through the pages of an interior design magazine. Now, finding ideas for a new kitchen table or bathroom wallpaper is as easy as scrolling through the Instagram accounts of the most in-demand Airbnbs. Naturally, these aspirational pics make you want to travel... but they also make you want to redecorate. Like, immediately. If that's too ambitious a project for the moment, don't worry... you can always start small, with a piece or two here and there. So what are some amazing homewares you'll find in every trendy Airbnb?

It's almost as if there are certain furnishings and accents that are required for an Airbnb to qualify as trendy. Every destination has its own distinct vibe, naturally, but some popular accents and design choices seem to transcend boundaries. And while it's fairly likely that quite a few of the pieces seen in these rentals are on the expensive side, it's just as likely that you'll be able to find a similar enough item at a much lower price point. (And more often than not, nobody will even be able to tell the difference.)

Chances are you already have at least a couple of these things in your home already. (Unless your home is an actual Airbnb, in which case you might have them all.)


Wall Hangings

Too many bare walls are boring, as successful Airbnb owners know. Besides wallpaper and art, one popular way to break up the monotony is with tapestries like the one pictured here: Colorful and textured, it's not hard to find woven wall hangings like the one pictured her; Anthropologie has a sizable collection in the $70 to $400 range.


Pendant Lamps

It's amazing how much of a difference lighting can make in a room, especially when you ditch generic ceiling fixtures for cool pendant lamps. This one just happens to be hanging in a stunning Marrakech Airbnb, but you can find similar pieces as close as your nearest IKEA from roughly $25 to $40.


Textured Throw Pillows

Throw pillows never go out of style, but they do get better. From furry to sequined to macrame and more, textured throw pillows add depth and contrast and color. The trendiest ones can get pretty pricey, but Zara Home has lots of reasonably priced options (from about $18 to $70).


The Best Blankets

There's nothing like a cozy blanket to comfort you when you're away from home... especially if it happens to complement the decor perfectly. One of the most in-demand blankets for Airbnb renters right now? The Pendleton Glacier National Park Blanket, available on the Pendleton website ($219 to $279).


Unique Mirrors

Some mirrors are for gazing in, others are for gazing at — and the looking glasses of choice among the hip Airbnb crowd fall into the latter category. Whether you want a mirror shaped like a square or circle or clover or framed by carved wood or brass or seashells, Pottery Barn has a large selection from about $35 to $400.


Hammock Chairs

Gone are the days when hammocks were only ever found outside between two trees. Now they're just as likely to be inside an Airbnb... which is fairly amazing, if you ask me. Hammock chairs aren't hard to find, and they're not incredibly expensive either (Amazon has a great one for around $43).


Plants (Lots Of Plants)

If there's one thing nearly every Airbnb worth booking has in common, it's a vast quantity of plants. Not only do plants literally bring life to a room, but depending on the planters you choose and where you put them, they can add significant style, too. Whether you're looking for small or big or modern or rustic, Terrain has options ranging from approximately $3 to $300.