7 Ways To Be More Feminist In One Day & Help Spread Girl Power

Feminism can be slightly overwhelming at first. Googling the word alone brings up thousands of results, ranging from friendly to fairly scary in their titles and content. For first time feminists, it’s important to remember that when it comes down to it, feminism is about equality. When you keep this in mind, it suddenly becomes less daunting to fly your feminist flag, and finding ways to be more feminist every day becomes much easier. Even if you’re well versed in the ways of feminism, you may be searching for ways to integrate feminism into your every day life.

The best part of feminism? It’s not hard to fit into your daily routine. Feminism doesn’t require a complete change of lifestyle. Feminism can be displayed easily, in mere moments in your day to day. Whether you take part in one of the ideas below, or you branch out on your own to find a simple way to exercise inclusion and embrace feminism in your everyday life, you’ll be contributing to the good fight. Taking things one day at a time can make the idea of becoming a card-carrying feminist easier to handle, and easier to maintain. Become the woman you’ve always wanted to be, one simple act at a time.


Love Yourself

That's right, love yourself. It's a radical idea, right? At the heart of feminism is the idea that every person deserves respect and humanity. Why not start with yourself? Combat any negativity you might have let seep into your daily routine by practicing a little self love first thing in the morning. Confidence in yourself will carry you throughout the rest of the day.


Read A Book By A Feminist

Need a suggestion? There's an array of feminist books that will open your eyes to the gender-equality movement.


Educate Yourself On Feminism

Feminism is everywhere you turn these days, and education is just a click away. It's also important to debunk any myths about feminism that you may have believed during your edification, so you can approach it with a clear mind.


Share A Responsibility With Your Partner

Feminism is all about equality, right? Right. What's more equal than splitting a responsibility with a partner? Whether it's trading off doing the dishes, taking out the trash, or even cooking dinner, split the duties with your partner on something you wouldn't usually, in the name of equality.


Empower Another Woman

Lift up a woman in your life by supporting them, and empowering them. This can be anything from reassuring a coworker that they're doing a great job to calling your sister to tell her she's smart. Lifting another woman up is empowering in itself, and more often than not, your empowered friend will pay the favor forward.


Register To Vote

It's so important to register to vote, and actually vote in the upcoming election. Decisions on women's reproductive rights are being made, and you should be present for them. Prepare yourself for the election by making sure you're eligible to vote when the time comes.


Support A Female-Run Business

Take a trip to the bakery down the street, order something off Etsy, or throw some business to your favorite female business owner. Women supporting women. The simplest things can help further feminism.

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