Crock-pot Pecan Pie for thanksgiving dinner
Here's A Brilliant Idea: Make Thanksgiving Pie In Your Crock-Pot This Year

by Kristina Johnson and Christina Petruzzi
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The Thanksgiving meal isn't complete until you've managed to scarf down some pie, no matter how full of turkey you are. There are lots of store-bought options that you could serve up, but nothing beats a homemade pie. If you're wondering how you'll find the time and oven space to whip one up, try busting out your slow cooker. There are some delicious Crock-Pot pie recipes for Thanksgiving that you can set and forget until it's time to dig in.

Pie is probably not the first thing you think of when you think of the Crock-Pot, but it seems there's nothing you can't toss in there. If you're hosting a feast of your own or just want to be the perfect guest who brings the most delicious dessert, being able to throw all your ingredients into the appliance and leave it alone for a few hours can save you tons of time and stress on a hectic holiday. Slow cooking your pie also saves you lots of clean up, because you can usually prepare everything right in the gadget without dirtying any other pots or pans. And if you're super pressed for time, or just really hate doing dishes, you can even line your Crock-Pot with foil or a special Crock-Pot safe plastic liner ($9, Amazon)

Pumpkin and apple pies tend to be the star of the dessert table on Thanksgiving, but there's no rule against trying other flavors, too. As long as it's sweet and delicious, you and your guests will be totally satisfied.

Here are some slow cooker pie recipes that will have you counting down the days until Thanksgiving.


Crustless Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie from scratch is simple to make and easy to clean up thanks to this recipe for a crustless version from The Magical Slow Cooker. The foil liner used here also makes it easy to pull the entire pie out of the Crock-Pot and put it on display.


Pumpkin Pie With Crust

If you've just gotta have a crust, this Crock-Pot pumpkin pie recipe from Family Fresh Meals might be more to your liking. I'm willing to bet you can't really go wrong with either.


Caramel Pie

A perfectly placed dollop of whipped cream is the finishing touch on this Crock-Pot caramel pie from Recipes That Crock. Once you whip up the filling in the slow cooker, all you have to do is pour it into a pre-made crust. It doesn't get much easier than that, and if you've ever tried to make caramel from scratch on the stove, you know how tricky it can be.


Key Lime Pie

This Crock-Pot key lime pie recipe from A Year of Slow cooking sounds tangy, creamy, and delicious.


Cherry Pie

This amazing looking Crock-Pot cherry pie recipe from Raining Hot Coupons will put the cherry on top of your Thanksgiving feast.


Apple Pie

Name a more iconic duo than vanilla ice cream and apple pie. I'll wait. Don't forget to pick up a pint for this Crock-Pot apple pie from Mostly Homemade Mom (and snag a can of whipped cream for your pumpkin pie while you're at it).


Slow Cooker Peach "Pie"

Hungry Girl’sslow cooker peach pie recipe is proof that not all pies require a crust. Brown sugar, cinnamon, and salt are the only ingredients you need to add to the peaches once they’re in the slow cooker. It only takes an hour to fully cook the peaches down so that they’re melt-in-your-mouth soft. Then your countertop appliance is free make other tasty Thanksgiving sides or desserts.


Crock-Pot Pecan Pie

This Crock-Pot pecan pie recipe from Spicy Southern Kitchen will satisfy guests who have an undeniable sweet tooth. This sweet and sugary southern-style pie combines juxtaposing textures: crunchy pecans (that ultimately rise to the top while cooking) and a soft, gooey filling underneath. You can microwave a slice for a few seconds to reheat it just before eating if you want, before topping it off with an ice cream scoop of your choice.

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