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Granny Panties Are Your BFF After A C-Section & Look At How Cute They Can Be

Ahh the beauty of birth. That first glimpse of your newborn, those first skin-to-skin moments, the enormous panties they give you immediately after. That’s right: Stretchy hospital underpants (and their absence of irritating waistbands) are an absolute must-have, because they make the delicate days of C-section recovery possible. You'll need a few (dozen) more pairs than what they send you home with, of course. So where can you find cute granny panties for your C-section recovery period?

Now sure, at first blush the idea of spending significant money on giant underwear might sound less than thrilling. But trust us, you’re going to want a few pairs of these for many reasons. First, the only cute thing that comes out of labor and delivery is your kid. The rest looks, well, like a crime scene. Not exactly the kind of thing you want soiling your La Perla lingerie. And frankly, those fancy lace undergarments won't feel so great for a little while yet.

Add to all this the fact that your body has just endured some serious trauma and needs to heal. This is especially important for C-section recovery. Postpartum underwear is like a big hug and can help support your stomach while avoiding irritating stitches, crucially important in encouraging swift healing.

The good news is, those mesh hospital numbers aren’t the only postpartum panties on the market. In fact, many brands are making surprisingly attractive options. Here are a few of our faves.


Hanky Panky Retro Lace V-kini

Hanky Panky gets it. They know women want underwear that actually covers their butts but still makes them feel like a hot mama. The V-kini gets all of that right, and the lacy is stretchy (not scratchy).


Knix CoreLove High Rise

Two words: leak proof. These Knix undies not only keep everything in, they offer additional support with compression bands (which happen to double as stylish velvet bands).


Bali "Skimp Skamp" Brief

Smooth stretch nylon gives you room to wiggle, and the retro cut is shapely while still comfortable. These are classic granny panties at their cutest and comfiest.


Natori Bliss French Cut

Let's face it, busy moms do not have time for uncomfortable underwear. These Natori are anything but. Super soft and feminine, they're functional while still being pretty.


Negative Underwear Whipped High Rise

$45 for a pair of underwear? Yes, and worth every penny. Made from a micro stretch fabric that feels like a second skin, order the matching top and these double as a great set of jammies too.


Warner's "No Pinching, No Problems" Brief

The name says it all. These Warner's panties won't pinch, which is crucial for women dealing with scars. Better yet? They come in 18 different colors.


Thinx Hi-Waist

So, technically, Thinx panties are designed for periods, but we don't see why you can't rock them postpartum style. This Hi-Waisted line comes in five colors and can hold two regular tampons worth of discharge.


High-Waisted Postpartum Recovery Panties

Let's be honest, even after your scar has healed, you might still want to rock a high-waisted panty to avoid the waistband rubbing against the incision or to hide the scar. This Kindred Bravely 5-pack gives you cute options that are equally functional.