8 Father-Daughter Movies On Netflix That Will Totally Make You Appreciate Your Dad


Danny Tanner, Cliff Huxtable, and Gomez Addams set the bar pretty high in terms of dad goals. Fathers (or father figures) and daughters can have some seriously special bonds, and there are enough father-daughter movies on Netflix celebrating those relationships that they could basically be their own genre.

The reason we love our famous on-screen fathers and father figures is because they always dish out some of the best advice, and those convos are relatable for daughters with close bonds to their dads. Whether you are an adult child looking for something to watch with your own dad or you are searching for something your daughters can watch with theirs, there are lots of good choices on Netflix, from comedies to dramas to documentaries.

If you’re missing your dad this Father’s Day and can’t get together due to *waves hands frantically* everything, or your girls and their dad can’t get out of the house, queue up one of these flicks together and make some snacks to celebrate the day. If you don’t live together, you can even make a FaceTime date and just press play at the same time to feel like you’re sitting in front of the big screen together. All of these movies are guaranteed to give you the feels and to make you want to hug your dad and give him a big "I love you."



Based on the true story of Mahavir Singh Phoga, who took his two daughters and turned them into world-class wrestlers in India, this subtitled movie shows that there's no ceiling on achievement when you have your dad behind you (and that girls can be wrestling champions, too!).


'The Week Of'

There’s something so cute (or so awkward) about watching your dad and your father-in-law get to know each other. But it’s even sweeter seeing them come together around your wedding day to make it unforgettable for you. In The Week Of, they join forces for a week to throw the ceremony and reception of a lifetime.


'What A Girl Wants'

OMG, this movie is an absolute classic. What A Girl Wants follows the story of American teen, Daphne, when she heads abroad to England to find her biological father. Her dad, Lord Henry Dashwood, is running for political office and not expecting to find out he has a daughter mid-campaign. If you haven’t seen it, now’s the time.


'Despicable Me'

At the start of Despicable Me, Gru (an international super villain with an untrained pooch, a basement full of heavy artillery, and a small army of minions) doesn’t seem like the ideal father. But by the time the credits roll, it’s clear he’s the perfect father to adopt his three girls. This movie is as funny as it is heartfelt, and should appeal to kids of just about any age.


'Like Father'

Kristen Bell and Kelsey Grammer? Like Father is bound to be a winner. The story goes like this: a young woman is left at the altar, so rather than waste her vacay, she takes her estranged father on her honeymoon cruise to the Caribbean. It’ll tug your heart strings to watch them get to know each other all over again.


'Lion Heart'

This Nigerian film, Lion Heart, includes English subtitles, and follows the tale of a daughter who steps in to run her father’s company when he falls ill. Her uncle also enters the picture to take his place, and the three of them work together to escape debt and keep the company all in the family.


'The Stand at Paxton County'

When her dad collapses on his ranch, his daughter Janna returns from the army to care for him. Add on the fact that the local sheriff is trying to make off with all their livestock, and soon Janna is fighting for her dad’s health and their livelihood. It’s The Stand at Paxton County is an action flick that’ll please Dad with some adult-daughter-coming-home and Western elements thrown in.


'Blood Father'

When Lydia gets tied up in a serious crime with her boyfriend and her gang, she escapes and contacts her ex-con dad, played by Mel Gibson, to help her. When the gang finds her at her father’s house, that’s when this father-daughter action flick, Blood Father, really takes off. It winds up involving landmines, car chases, and general bad*ssery, but also some heartfelt moments, too.

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