8 Feelings The VS Fashion Show Definitely Gave You While Watching Last Night

The annual Victoria Secret Fashion Show aired on CBS Tuesday night and, like every year prior, it did not disappoint. Hosted in New York City and with the addition of noted supermodels Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, the show was more of an entertainment spectacular than a lingerie-highlighting fashion event. (Although the lingerie is always a highlight. Seriously, that $2 million bra.) Watching beautiful women with conventionally perfect bodies strut their stuff down a gorgeous runway can be fraught with emotion and is socially limiting — especially when the only women you're seeing are conventionally beautiful women with perfect bodies.

It's difficult to see these women with seemingly perfect bodies storm across the stage and not judge it as society's normative standard, regardless of how comfortable and proud you are of your own body. But as a woman, watching the show can be entirely fun, too. First, there's the question of how the hell did they get into that? And then there's the obvious pride that comes from seeing a first timer like Kendall Jenner werk down the catwalk. I know I'm no Kris Jenner, but the pride in that moment was enough to make my heart swell and explode. Some of these women work their entire careers to make it down that stage in a $2 million bra, and no matter what the implied standard of beauty is, it's still awesome to watch a moment where someone's dreams, however different than yours, have come true.

So in honor of the emotional rollercoaster we all chose to ride Tuesday night, here's every emotional stage VS Fashion Show viewers go through, in gif glory, of course.

You Feel Excitement

You know giant angel wings and bejeweled bras are in your future, and you're excited. Everyone and everything is going to be so beautiful, and who doesn't want to stop and wonder at all the beauty in the world?

You Can't Wait To Dance

The musical acts are always fantastic. This year, The Weeknd, Selena Gomez, and Ellie Goulding dominated the runway, and don't pretend like you weren't dancing along in your living room. (Guilty.)

You're In Awe

The shoes and the lingerie and the women wearing them both, it's all just so magical and whimsical and beautiful. The confidence a woman must have to walk on stage and in front of millions of viewers at home and in the seats surrounding them is pretty awe-inspiring, if you ask me. And what's best? All of the models look like they're having an absolute ball.

You're Suddenly Starving

All of a sudden you want to eat all of the things. Even if you just had dinner half an hour ago. Even if you weren't particularly hungry to begin with. You just need all of the food and you need it right now, and there is no explaining why you need it and why you want it, but god someone get me something to eat immediately.

You Realize Loving Your Body However It Looks Is So Body Positive

Maybe you'll never look like a Victoria's Secret Model — but so what? You look like you, and that is so. freakin'. awesome.

You Feel A Feminist Rant Coming On

Is the VS Fashion show really promoting strong, sexy women, or is it just exploiting them? Are you furthering the misogynistic undertones of a patriarchal society by watching women walk around in their underwear? Is this making you a bad feminist? Should you turn this show off immediately?

You Want To Celebrate All Women And Their Beauty

Sure, you might have had a moment of weakness in which you doubted your own beauty, but that doesn't mean you can't step back and just be excited for these women and their accomplishments. For a supermodel, the VS Fashion show is the Super Bowl, and they've all worked hard to get to where they are. So why not celebrate them?

You've Never Been More Thankful For PJs

The question of whether or not you should wear soul-crushing, wedgie-inducing lingerie or comfy as sh*t oversized sweatpants has never been easier to answer.

Images: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Victoria's Secret, Giphy (8)