8 Hilarious National Twin Day Memes That'll Make You Laugh Twice As Hard

Even if it seems as though twins are more common than ever these days, they're still something of a phenomenon. As parents of twins know (as well as those with twin siblings, naturally), the experience of raising or being a twin is definitely unique — and absolutely worthy of celebration. Sure, there are challenges that come along with the twin thing, but there are lots of laughs, too... which is why these memes for National Twin Day will crack you up even if you don't happen to be a twin or have any twins in your life.

National Twin Day falls on the first weekend of August ever year; in 2018, the official date for NTD is August 3, as listed in the National Date Archives. And while you probably don't recall hearing much about it in the past, it's actually been observed since 1976, according to the NDA:

"National Twins Day was inspired by a pair of twins, Moses and Aaron Wilcox. In 1819, this pair of identical twins donated 6 acres of land to the town of Millsville, Ohio, on the condition that it change its name to Twinsburg. In 1976, the grateful town of Twinsburg began hosting an annual festival for twins."

The first year, only 36 twins attended the festival. Today, the original event draws more than 2,000, and similar festivals and gatherings are held in towns and cities across the country. So this is the perfect time to scroll through some hilarious social media posts devoted to all things twin-related, from the annoying questions people insist on asking twin moms to unbelievably intense sibling rivalry to the daily struggles of being outnumbered as a mom. Oh, and don't forget about dealing with double the exhaustion! No personal twin connection is necessary for you to get a kick out of these — but if you are in fact living the #twinmomlife (or the #twinlife), these memes are guaranteed to ring painfully true.


Sugar & Spice

You can't have a roundup of twin memes without including this classic, which is just beyond perfect in every way. Did these parents put the baby on the right in the "surprise" onesie because she smiled like a cartoon villain all the time, or did they just get ridiculously lucky?


* Eye Roll *

Seriously though, why do people ask this question? What else would they be if not twins?? (Never mind the fact that technically it's nobody's business.)



This is straight-up genius. Unlike a distinguishing t-shirt or pair of socks, these numbers don't come off at bath time.


Up To No Good

Looks like a certain troublemaker is gonna have to work on his poker face, because it's pretty, pretty, pretty obvious he had something to do with the reason why his twin is bawling hysterically.


Double Take

What sorcery is this? Once there was one grandpa, now there are two. Can anybody just randomly duplicate themselves at any time? That poor baby must have a lot of questions.


Power Play

Regular sibling rivalry pales in comparison to the knock-down, drag-out fights twins are notorious for having. (Some moms swear their babies started going at it in utero.)


Twin Win

There's no denying that twins are impressive. Like, tada! Two babies... at once! It never gets old.


Cosmic Joke

Oh, you thought you had it all together? Ha. Ha. Think of twins as the universe's way of telling you that control is an illusion. Especially when it comes to laundry.