Courtesy of Steph Montgomery
13 Moms Share What They Love Most About Raising Twins

by Steph Montgomery

As an identical twin, I've heard people ask my mom how she managed to raise us so effortlessly. Now that I'm a mom, I just wonder how she survived. Being a new mom is hard, so I can’t imagine what motherhood would be like with two kids the same age at the same time. When I asked my mom and other twin moms I know about their experiences, though, they were all pretty chill. I mean, being a twin mom is hard, but there are also plenty of things moms love about raising twins.

The twin moms I spoke to were honest, though, and many told me that the first year was rough. Well, what they could remember of that first year, anyway. And as with any number of children, these moms learned that every age and stage has both pros and cons. For the most part, they love watching their kids play, grow, and bond with each other. It seems while twins are double the trouble (twins hate that saying, by the way), we're also double the snuggles, too.

Twin moms also know that their babies are unique, and have their own personalities, likes, and dislikes. They may grow closer as they get older, or go in completely opposite directions, but, for the most part, twins will always have a special relationship like no other. In my opinion, twin moms are pretty special, too. They have to be to handle double the work of motherhood, but that doesn't mean they're not having fun in the process:

Molly, 25

"Going from not having any kids, to having twin boys has been the greatest blessing. Even though times can get hard and raising two newborns at once can be challenging, I wouldn’t change it for the world. My twins are 10-weeks-old. I can’t wait to watch them grow up together and see the bond they will have."


Courtesy of Kat

"I love seeing them begin to interact and play with each other. Yesterday, one of them was sitting on one side of the room and raised his hand in a high-five gesture. The other saw, smiled, crawled quickly across the floor, and then sit up on his knees and high-fived his brother. They both giggled. I realize that they will always have a bond and that they will always protect each other, even when I’m not around anymore to do it."


"My twins are 4.5-years-old. My favorite part of raising them is that I don’t have to go through this again. Just kidding (sort of). I love seeing them look out for each other. If one of them asks for a treat, he or she makes sure to ask for his or her sibling, too. They fight like most siblings, but they are also very close and have a strong bond. While they can be noisy and super active, snuggling both of them at the same time is my absolute favorite thing ever."


Courtesy of Christie

"Being a twin mom has been one of the most difficult and most rewarding things I have been blessed with. My favorite parts are watching little babies hug each other and be best friends, having them pile on top of me like little puppies, and seeing two people as close and connected as two people can be. Also, you know that feeling you feel when you are looking at your single adorable child? You really feel that double. Words don’t really do it justice."

Paula, 33

"My favorite part of parenting twins is that although the world treats them as one exact unit, I can observe the differences in their personalities and how they interact with others. One is very bossy and has no problem asserting his will. The other is more quiet and subtle in getting what he wants."

Madeline, 28

Courtesy of Madeline

"My favorite part of parenting my twins is how they are with each other. They don’t like to be separate. They can’t even sleep without each other. I love seeing their bond, and hearing them laugh together. I love seeing how two tiny humans that came into the world at the same time can be so uniquely different."


"I have 10.5-year-old identical twin girls. My favorite parts are different for different ages. As babies I just loved watching them grow and hit milestones. As they grew and noticed each other, I enjoyed watching them learn from and complete with each other. Now, I still love watching them interact. They fight a lot, but they always look for each other and look out for each other. They are best friends and know no matter what they have someone on their side. They are in separate areas at school, and I recently found out they go find each other at the end of the day to make sure each other get on the bus safely."

Jenny, 30

Courtesy of Jenny

"My daughters are 21 months. My favorite part of having twins is when they both want to snuggle with me. The first year was beyond rough but now that we’re past the infant stage, and they’re not quite as needy, it’s so much better. They’re fun and funny."


"Hands down the absolute best part is watching their relationship develop. They love each other so much. Knowing they have each other makes me feel more confident about them doing things together and having each other’s back. They love to play with me, but they are just as happy to just play with each other. They’re wonderful."

Eboni, 27

Courtesy of Eboni

"My twins are 3-months-old. My favorite part right now is when they get jealous of each other. You pick one up and not the other, and they give cute little pouty faces and death glares. I am so thankful I had twins with my first pregnancy. I struggled to get pregnant and then had a difficulties throughout. If I was only carrying one, it's likely I wouldn't have any more kids."

Kate, 33

"My fraternal twin boys are 18-months-old. From the earliest sonograms they have always been super active and in sync with one another. Their bond is amazing, and I get emotional just watching them interact. They genuinely enjoy being with one another. Since they could crawl, they started figuring out how to work as a team — usually against me to get what they want. Plus, I love double the hugs, kisses, and snuggles. My husband and I want a second set so much."

Amelia, 41

Courtesy of Amelia

"My favorite part of having twins is best described using a message from one of their teachers at a new school. She wrote, 'They are just fine being separated, but every recess they seek each other out, make eye contact, and [give] a head nod or similar. At lunch they find each other, sit together, but talk to their friends, and give a nudge when they go back to class.'

This was them at 5, and it’s still them today at 10."

Stephanie, 40

"My favorite part of parenting twins is watching two identical faces grow into two completely wonderful individuals. I have a princess obsessed determined opinionated child, and a laid back, totally chill future bug biologist or paleontologist whose favorite dinosaur changes by the hour."