8 Instagram Captions For National Siblings Day For Only Children

by Steph Montgomery

April 10 is National Siblings Day. That means it's time to take to social media and post pictures of your brothers and sisters. You might share messages of sisterly and brotherly love, rivalry, and stories from your childhood. If you are an only child, though, National Siblings Day might understandably make you feel a little left out. Instead of letting it get to you, you can get creative with Instagram captions about national siblings day for only children. You shouldn't have to miss out on the fun. I mean, you are an only child after all, so you are probably used to taking center stage.

Whether you choose to highlight your only-child status with a caption about how awesome it is, or lament how lonely it can be to be an "only," you don't have to stay off Instagram today. You can take a moment to let everyone know how exhausting it is to have to check in with your overprotective mother on a daily basis. You can also highlight the undeniable fact that you're the best child ever, because you still check in with mom. I mean, that's clearly why your parents stopped with you, right? You might also remind everyone how happy you are with the fact that you never had to share your toys (or food) with anyone else. Besides, being an only child rules, especially when you really don't like other people or prefer being alone.

So, whether you post about something that only another only child can understand, get sarcastic about yet another made-up holiday, or try to join in the fun, you should feel free to celebrate National Siblings Day, too, maybe with one of the following captions:

"Happy National Siblings Day! Oh Wait..."

They say laughter is medicine, right? So, as an only child, if you need a laugh today you might as well post a picture of yourself without a sibling, to give your followers a healthy dose of sarcasm and give yourself a chance to laugh about the holiday. #onlychildproblems

"One Is The Loneliest Number"

So, yeah, holidays like National Siblings Day might feel lonely, isolating, or a little bit unfair if you don't have brothers or sisters. Since misery loves company, though, you might want to post about it, to let everyone know exactly how you feel about being left out. Throw yourself a pity party for one. #onlychildproblems

"I Consider Myself Lucky To Be An Only Child Because If I Had Other Siblings, My Mother Would Not Have Been Able To Take Me To Every Audition And Be So Supportive Of My Career." — Lea Michele

Being an only child has distinct advantages. You get all of your parents' attention, you don't have to share, and you don't have to celebrate National Siblings' Day (if you don't want to, of course.)

"Only Children Believe They're Capable Of Everything. They're Trusting And Fearless; They Believe In Their Own Power And Get Exactly What They want." — Paulo Coehlo

As an only child, you might be a tad bit spoiled. Go ahead and let out your inner Veruca Salt out today. It's so not fair that you don't have your own holiday, too. Why should siblings get all the fun?

"I Think It's Important For All Ages, To Not Be Afraid Of Being An Individual. I Grew Up On My Own, As An Only Child, So Early On I Think I Was Quite Capable Of Making Decisions By Myself And Being An Individual." — Noel Clarke

If you'd rather focus on how awesome you, you can make up your own holiday. Might I suggest honoring the fact that you've known how to be a self-sufficient, capable, independent human being since day one?

"Because As An Only Child, You Have Your Own Little World." - Maynard James Keenan

Why not highlight how awesome it is to never have been forced to share your toys, your clothes, your room, or your fries with anyone? Score.

"There's A Kind Of Intimacy That Happens Between A Mother And An Only Child. Which Only Gets More Intimate When It's Between A Mother And Only Daughter." — Leigh Newman

Why not post a picture of you and your mom, or you and your only child? Why not celebrate the incredible bond an only child and their mother share? After all, your mom (or you!) are not less than simply because there's only one child in the mix.

"My Brothers And Sisters Hated Me Because I Was An Only Child." — Al Yankovic

Let's face it, while everyone is celebrating their siblings, you get to focus on yourself. You're a self-sufficient badass, and there's no reason why you should share the spotlight with anyone else. Celebrate you, only sibling! You deserve it!

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