8 Ridiculously Cute Last Minute Halloween Costumes For Toddlers

Some moms have their kids' Halloween costumes planned out years in advance. Other moms (*raises hand unashamed*) wait till one or two days before the big day to toss together a get-up. Whatever camp you fall into, there's no shame in waiting to find last minute Halloween costumes for toddlers — because, for me anyway, that's usually when the best inspiration comes.

Maybe your little one has no idea what they want to be for Halloween, or you'd rather not see yet another little Troll or Minion paroling the streets, so you've decided to take matters into your own hands. These costumes are all original, slightly quirky, and all incredibly simple to put together. In fact, most can be made using pieces you likely already have in your tot's closet. Some of the costumes are gender neutral, while others have options for twins, siblings, or besties.

Whether you've waited till the last minute out of necessity or because you have no ideas of your own, these simple last minute Halloween ideas are sure to give you the spark you need to dress your little one in a costume that they'll be excited to wear and you'll be excited to make for them.



Striped Pants, $12, Target | White Top, $5, Target | Pineapple Sunglasses, $9, Carters

Endlessly adorable, this toddler pineapple costume requires minimal craftiness and requires only a few materials to put together. Start with a layer of basics: some striped pants and a white top if you have them, but if not, any combo will work. From there, follow the tutorial from Delia Creates using yellow felt, a pair of scissors, and a sharpie to create the most adorable pineapple cape for your little fruit. Top it all off with a pair of pineapple sunglasses to complete the look.


Jon Snow

Brown Curly Wig, $13, Halloween Costumes | Onesie, $11, Amazon | Fur Vest, $19, Old Navy | Stuffed Wolf, $8, Stuffed Safari

Game of Thrones fans can dress their own little man as the series' main manly man with a few simple pieces. Start with a brown curly wig, unless your little guy is blessed with luscious curls already. Then, add a dark colored onesie, a furry vest or piece of fabric cut to fit over their shoulders, and of course a small stuffed wolf to be puppy Ghost.



Grey Pants, $20, Old Navy | Grey Shirt, $6, Hanes | Grey Hoodie, $13, H&M

Although this costume requires a bit of craftiness, the basics are extremely simple. Start with an all grey ensemble: grey pants, grey shirt, and a grey hoodie. From there, follow the tutorial from Make It Love It to make a dorsal fin and teeth out of felt and a piece of plastic canvas.


Rosie The Riveter

Chambray Shirt, $15, H&M | Denim Shorts, $10, H&M | Red Bandana, $7, Etsy

One of the simplest (and empowering) costumes for a little one is the classic icon Rosie the Riveter. Luckily, it's as easy to throw together as it is adorable. All you need is a button up chambray shirt, a pair of denim shorts or pants, and a red bandanna. From there, all your toddler needs is fierce confidence and a good bicep flex.



Flannel, $18, H&M | Jeans, $12, Carters | Suspenders, $7, Etsy | Overalls, $20, OshKosh

As adorable as it is hilarious, dressing your toddler as a lumberjack is easier than you'd expect. All you need is a flannel, a pair of jeans with suspenders or overalls. Finish it off with a eyeliner beard and a cardboard ax.


Hipster Baby

Plaid Button-Up Shirt, $7, Old Navy | Grey Cardigan, $25, Target | Chinos, $20, H&M | Glasses, $7, Ebay | Instax Polaroid Camera, $60, Amazon

Chances are, your little one has the makings of a true hipster and you don't even realize it. Search their closet for a plaid button-up shirt, a sweater or cardigan, some chinos, a pair of hipster glasses, and an Instax Polaroid camera to top it off — or, you know, a coffee mug or ukulele for something cheaper.


Fern From "Charlotte's Web"

Dress, $18, H&M | Denim Jumper, $18, H&M | Stuffed Pig, $9, Stuffed Safari

Use the same concept as the hipster costume, but add a pig. Grab a plaid shirt or dress, add a denim jumper, and a stuffed pig and your kid's costume will be TERRIFFIC.


Mickey Or Minnie

Black Shirt, $10, Old Navy | Mickey Shirt, $8, Target | Skinny Jeans, $12, Children's Place | Mouse Ears, $8, JCPenney | Yellow Boots, $15, Zulily | Red Tutu, $12, Kohl's | Black Tights, $5, Target | Minnie Ears, $10, JCPenney

There's nothing cuter than a toddler in a Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse outfit. The pair is super easy to recreate and perfect for siblings, twins, or just one kiddo who loves the character. For Mickey, all you need is a black shirt with either red fabric and white paint or felt to create the design. You could also buy a pre-made Mickey shirt just about anywhere. From there, add some black pants, some mouse ears, and yellow socks or boots and your mouseketeer is all set.

For Minnie, use a black shirt, a red tutu or skirt, and some black tights with Minnie mouse ears.

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