8 Moana Halloween Costume Ideas For Toddlers That Will Make A Splash

EDITOR'S NOTE: In light of conversations around Halloween costumes and cultural appropriation, we encourage readers to check out the arguments against dressing your child as Moana characters for Halloween.

Toddlers occupy that middle ground between babyhood and big kid-ness and dressing them for Halloween has its unique joys and challenges. You can dress a baby as a vegetable or a rooster and they won't know the difference. But as your toddler starts to watch movies, play with toys and become exposed to the world around them, they may have a very strong opinion on their Halloween costume this year. With the newest Disney heroine out there, don't be surprised if you find yourself looking for a Moana costume for toddlers. Moana's spirit and determination (not to mention stubbornness) are the traits that help her on her quest to save her island. Coincidentally, you may notice some of these characteristics in your own toddler, making Moana a perfect character for them to relate.

Older children often focus their costumes on what they'll wear to school and during trick-or-treating, but chances are, your toddler will be more home-based, making it easier for them to wear a tropical Moana costume even if the weather outside isn't island-like. So consider this an opportune time to have them stay inside with a grownup and give out candy to trick-or-treaters. They're at an age when a ringing doorbell still garners great excitement and they'll love the responsibility of having the "job" of giving out candy to visitors while still getting into the Halloween spirit.

As Moana is known for her bravery and can-do attitude, she's a great character for your child to emulate on Halloween and it's not hard to do so with some of these great Moana costume ideas. And if you too want to play a supporting role and dress like the Disney heroine without going all out, you can just wear a floral hair wreath that you make or buy to match your toddler's. Just imagine how cute the photos will be of the two of you.


Tutu-based Moana Outfit


If your child can't get enough of tulle, this costume ($36, Etsy) is the one for them. It takes the basic elements of Moana's outfit, a patterned top and beige skirt, and throws it over ballet-grade tulle. Complete the look with a flower crown ($35, Etsy).


Even More Tulle

Because the frillier, the better, here's another tulle-based Moana costume ($20, Etsy) that comes in baby and toddler sizes.


Crochet It Yourself

With some yarn, crochet needles, time, and patience, you can make your child their own crochet version of a Moana dress. It's so adorable, but you'll definitely have your work cut out for you, so we recommend this for those of you with some crafting skills and a small toddler. You can find the crochet pattern ($5, Etsy) to make this outfit a success on Etsy.


Official Disney Costume

Sometimes the best place for film-related Halloween costumes is straight from the source. In this case, that would be the Disney Store. Grab a legit Moana costume ($45, Disney Store) that they'll love to play dress up in for months to come.


Dress and Wig Combination

Some toddlers will want to have the right hair to pull their Moana costume all together. Moana's long beautiful hair trails down her back for most of the movie. You can buy this simple Moana dress ($29, Pure Costumes) and pair it with Moana wig ($17, Party City).


DIY, With Fleece

If sewing is more your gig than crocheting, try this DIY project from Fleece Fun to make this comfy Moana outfit. Pair the homemade top and fleece skirt overlay you make with a toddler-sized grass skirt ($5, Amazon).


Heart of Te Fiti Necklace

A good piece of jewelry can totally make an outfit. Moana's necklace kept the heart of Te Fiti safe while she and Maui journeyed to save the island so a replica of this accessory is a wonderful addition to your child's costume. This necklace ($8, Pure Costumes) pairs perfectly with a store bought or homemade Moana outfit.


Moana Flip-Flops

What's a great outfit without great shoes? Although Moana was barefoot for much of the movie, your child might feel more comfortable wearing shoes. These Moana flip flops ($13, Etsy) come in white or pink and will be probably be worn long after Halloween is over if your kid is a serious Moana fan. They even come in adult sizes so you can go twinsies with your child.

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