8 Mother's Day Gifts For Your Pregnant Sister, Because You'll Do Anything For Her

Want to know who's pretty awesome? My beautifully pregnant sister. I mean, the truth is, no matter how many times I bear witness to pregnancy and birth, I am amazed by the process. But there's something extra special about watching my sister go through it. Which is why I love treating her, whether it's by taking my nephew off of her hands so she can score some downtime or stopping over with her favorite ice cream. That's why I was especially psyched to put together a list of Mother's Day gifts for your pregnant sister.

Because if you're like me, then there's a good chance you, too, are trying to score the perfect gift for a sister in your life — whether she's your born sister or one you have chosen as your own. After all, you know she would do the same for you. That's why I nailed down some pretty fantastic options for helping her stay comfy while her belly grows, giving her a few hours of TLC, or reminding her why she's so damn important to you.

The truth is, it's tough to find a gift that lets your sister know just how incredible she is, but we're definitely going to try, right?


A Customized Necklace For Her & Her Little One

Mantra & Birthstone Washer Necklace, $76, Erica Sara Designs

If your sister is anything like mine, then there's a good chance she enjoys leaning on a solid mantra, especially if it helps her keep her cool during tough parenting moments. That's kind of why I adore this mantra necklace from Erica Sara. Not only do you get to choose what to have engraved on it, but it can include the birthstone of your sister's soon-to-be little one.


Get Her A Prenatal Massage

What pregnant mama wouldn't love a little TLC, right? BabyCenter noted that "an hour-long session can cost anywhere from $60 to $150, depending on where you live." Parents suggested that the benefits of prenatal massage range from relieving tight muscles that are inherent to pregnancy to lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Sounds like a win-win, if you ask me.


Everyday Pants For Her Growing Bump

Ingrid & Isabel Maternity Crossover Panel Capri, $30, Target

Once I reached the third trimester when I was pregnant with my daughter, these pants were my life. Not only did they provide me with extra support when I exercised, but they were also just plain old comfy for everyday wear (similar to your favorite yoga pants when you're not pregnant). Now I recommend them to everyone, including my pregnant sister and you.


A Curated Box For A Mama-To-Be

"New Mom" Box, $58, BOXFOX

Stocked with belly balm, a stylish candle, "Mama" keychain, lavender hand wipes, and fun Fortune Telling Book for Moms-to-Be, this curated box from the BOXFOX Mother's Day Collection is pretty awesome. Plus, if you want to customize your gift, then the company also has a feature where you can design your own.


Oh-So-Comfy Tees

MAMA Cotton Jersey Top, $13, H&M

Talk about another thing I lived in (seriously, scroll through my IG and I'm wearing this one in nearly every photo) once my belly grew big enough that it was popping out of all of my regular shirts. These H&M tees are oh-so-comfy and something I will for sure be treating my sis to as she gets further into her pregnancy.


Hire A Cleaning Service

One of the best post-baby gifts I received was a cleaning service from my sister. Oh how I loved when two women showed up at my door to do all of the things that middle-of-the-night feedings and mountains of diapers had left undone. Depending on your location and the size of your home, a one-time cleaning can range from $115 to $227, according to


Help Keep Her Blood Flowing

Companion Compression Socks, $18, COMRAD

Speaking of my sister Amanda, she's kind of an awesome personal trainer. And one of her top tips for helping her clients stay on top of circulation during pregnancy is wearing compression socks. "Compression socks are excellent in helping blood to flow properly and not pool in the feet," she tells Romper. "The whole point of compression socks is to make it easier to get blood flowing properly and back up toward the heart." Also a bonus? According to my sister, compression socks can help prevent varicose veins, as well as cramping in feet and legs. All the reason more that when I saw these socks, I thought, "she's gotta have these."


Mugs That Keep You Connected

Long Distance Mug, $17 to $20, Etsy

If distance keeps you from seeing your sister as often as you would like, then you might want to scoop up these sweet mugs. Available in 11- or 15-ounces, this ceramic mug features a chic floral design and a custom option for including the states and cities where you each reside.

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