8 Pampering, New Age Subscription Boxes For The Crystal-Loving Goddess

Such so-called "new age" accoutrements like crystals, incense, and healing herbs have actually been around for centuries...so what do they have in common with the very modern phenomenon of subscription boxes? Not only are both seemingly unrelated things extremely popular at the moment, but there are more and more monthly (or quarterly) boxes available that just happen to be filled with the aforementioned ancient tools of spirituality and self-care. In need of a regular reminder to connect with your nature or the universe or your inner self? These pampering, new age subscription boxes will speak straight to the crystal-loving goddess in you.

Maybe this year's eventful eclipse season sparked an interest in the moon's influence on your life and you're looking for ways to sync up with the cycles of the planets (especially dealing with all those retrogrades). Maybe you've been meaning to get more into meditation but you just need a little extra inspiration. Maybe, many years ago (before your house was taken over by overflowing laundry baskets and toys and half-eaten snacks), you actually used to have a pretty decent collection of all these new age-y type things, but... who knows where it all went? (Fact: There's an undeniable nostalgia element to some of these subscription boxes for Gen X moms. Um, remember The Craft?)

Whatever draws you to these subscription boxes, they're undeniably fun... and a great excuse to commit to a little bit of time just for you on a regular basis.

1Kozmic Ryder

Kozmic Ryder kit

Kozmic Ryder

Created by Ani Fernise, the daughter of ALEX AND ANI founder Carolyn Rafaelian, Kozmic Ryder kits are designed to "help people on their personal, spiritual journeys" by making "purpose, magic and empowerment" accessible to everyone. Different installments of the experiential box series will focus on different teachings (astrology, herbalism, shamanism); the first kit from Kozmic Ryder is focused on "Lucid Dreaming" and includes a tea blend, essential oils, a candle, a mystical crystal, a dream journal, stickers, and more. (Kits need to be purchased one at a time.)




Described as a "monthly check-up for the soul," Moonbox is also the only monthly subscription box that aligns with the lunar cycle: At the beginning of each month, you'll get a set of crystals and other wellness and beauty items to help you connect with the movements of the moon. All products are organic, vegan friendly, and ethically produced (usually by small artists); September's box included a September Lunar tapestry, yoga mat mist, a yoga strap, crystal bar soap, solid moon perfume, a selenite wand, and more. (Mini Moonboxes are available for for $22.)

3Goddess Provisions

Goddess Provisions

Goddess Provisions

What provisions might a goddess need? It's probably covered in this curated monthly box, filled with "tools for nourishing your divine feminine and growing your spiritual practice" (in connection with various themes). You'll get 5-7 full size items in each installment, including aromatherapy, apothecary beauty products, superfood snacks, teas, crystals, books and more (all vegan). September's box, "Animal Guides," included Jessica Swift Animal Allies Oracle cards, Sacred Elephant incense, Rootfoot Intentional Wear Spirit Animal Bear Roll-On, Llewellyn’s Little Book of Spirit Animals, a stick of Fractalista Designs Palo Santo, and a healing Peacock Ore stone.




All about planting seeds (literally) and growing goals, your Lunarly box arrives one week before each new moon. Why? Because that way, you can set your intentions for the month ahead with the help of all your new stuff (including plants, wellness products, tools for mindfulness, and more). $40 per month, or 3 months for $110.


Merkaela Box


A seasonal subscription box filled with gloriously relaxing Merkaela products meant to support your meditation practice and self-care rituals, these arrive quarterly and include spa-worthy items like bath salts, handmade soap, body butter, and loose leaf teas. The Deluxe box subscription is $61 per quarter payed quarterly (or $57 per quarter paid annually).

6Tamed Wild

Tamed Wild "House of Rituals" Subscription Box

Tamed Wild

If "self-care" for you means re-watching "Practical Magic" while brewing up some loose tea, you'll get your witchy woman right on with this box: A ritual theme is chosen for every month, along with 5 to 7 items related to that theme; the "Starter Kit" box shown here comes with a leather and parchment paper journal, purification bath blend, essential oils, incense, a black and white candle kit, and more.


Jewelry Buddhibox


A quarterly delivery of meaningful accessories meant to put you in the right frame of mind for yoga, meditation, and an overall zen lifestyle, every box comes with a different 108 mala necklace, bracelet, healing crystal, and other accessories (each shipment is valued at over $125). Boxes ship February, May, August and November.

8Frisky Fish

Frisky Fish Mini Ritual & Essential Oil Kit

Frisky Fish

The mission of Frisky Fish is described as "metaphysical meets modern"...and their monthly Mini Ritual & Essential Oil Kit is just that: Each box offers an assortment of ritual tools for creating a sacred space to hang, relax, and focus (2 to 4 full sized items including essential oils, crystals, teas and jewelry).