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The Perks Of Signing Up For Target's Baby Registry Are Seriously Too Good To Miss

The other day my daughter and I walked into Target and she said, "We're at Target, Mommy!" It was the first time she had acknowledged the famous red bullseye, and I was irrationally thrilled, grinning while exclaiming, "Yes, baby it is!" But my water did break while strolling the store's aisles, so can you blame a girl? Plus, the Target initiation starts at conception for many moms, especially when it comes to their killer registry. Want to know more? Here are the perks of signing up for Target's baby registry that you need to know about.

Whether you are registering for a first-time pregnancy and need all of the things or simply stocking up on some essentials for the latest addition to your family, the Target baby registry offers benefits for everyone, including the people buying you gifts. You'll love the cute little welcome kit that you earn just for registering and your friends and family will enjoy perks like order pickup and group gifting options for large items.

No matter how you slice it, we're talking about Target which, no matter how little you go in for, somehow possesses the ability to have you leaving with a receipt the length of your arm. That means you're bound to find everything your bundle of joy needs — and maybe you, too.


Welcome Kit

That's right: You'll receive $50 worth of coupons and handpicked samples just for registering your baby items with Target. Register and then head over to Guest Services to pick yours up. Bags are said to include breast milk storage bags, a diaper and wipes kit from Pampers, a pacifier, coupons, and loads of other goodies.


Choose From All Of The Brands

Registering at Target means you'll be able to choose from a number of top brands including Chicco, Dr. Brown's, Honest, Britax, 4Moms, Ergobaby, and the new Cloud Island brand exclusive to Target.


Make Use Of The Registry App

If you're like me and part of the fun of registering means making use of the handy scanner, then get excited because Target's registry app comes with the ability to scan barcodes. You can also easily manage your registry within the app which becomes very useful when you are awake at 2 a.m. and second guessing some of the picks you made.


Easy Access To Stores

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Because what's a world without Target? With more than 1,800 locations, your friends and family won't have any problem stopping in to browse gifts. This is, of course, also convenient when it comes to returns. Items purchased from your baby registry can be returned or exchanged up to a year after your due date.


Order Pickup

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Speaking of stopping in to the store, your friends and family can also shop your registry online and pick it up at a store near them for free.


Group Gifting Option

Feel guilty about that ultra posh car seat you're requesting? Don't. Turns out the Target baby registry offers a group gifting option which allows guests to easily split the cost of pricey items.


Discount On Leftover Items

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This was perhaps my favorite perk of registering with Target. You can purchase any leftover items on your account with a 15 percent discount. But make sure you scoop up everything you really want — the discount is only good for one in-store shopping trip and one online shopping purchase.


A Free Target Onesie

Yep, that's right. Apparently once you register with Target and someone buys a gift off your registry, you're in the running for a baby onesie from Target that will come after your due date has passed. The best.

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