8 Portable Bathroom Options For Kids, Including 1 You Can Toss In The Trash

It never, ever fails. No matter how many times you tell your kid to go to the bathroom before leaving the house, the minute you're inconveniently far away from any sort of accessible public restroom... nature calls. Quite possibly the only thing that could ever make any parent miss the time when their child was in diapers, this unpleasant experience is also pretty much unavoidable, but you can prepare for it. These portable bathroom options for kids who have to go on the go could save your day and your car upholstery.

Of course, you could look for a tree in a park or an out-of-the-way alley, but sometimes, there isn’t an appropriate shrub available. Plus, it’s actually a crime to pee in public in all 50 states, according to While your wee one (ha) might not get charged with disorderly conduct, there’s a good chance that you’ll get slapped with some sort of ticket. (In 2019, pregnant mom Brooke Johns faced up to 60 days in jail and $1,000 fine for letting her 3 year-old son pee in the parking lot of a gas station, reported.) So that’s why you should have a portable potty with you or some other bathroom alternatives so that your kiddo is never caught with their pants down — literally.

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Kalencom Potette Plus 2-in-1 Travel Potty Trainer

With over 3,000 reviews and a 4.6 rating, the Kalencom Potette is a popular choice for urgent potty issues. Not only does it have legs that lift it (and your kiddo) off the ground, but it can also be used on a toilet seat, too. It comes with three leak-proof and absorbent liners to lock away any, um, excess excrement.


Playtex Potty Genie Disposable Travel Potty

There’s nothing like toting around a potty full of leftover pee. This one from Playtex is completely disposable, and has an absorbent inner liner to keep everything contained. It can fit inside a diaper bag easily, and once unfolded, it can support the weight of a 60 lb child.


mkool Cute Monkey Potty Training Urinal

If your little guy has gotta go, he can always take aim at this adorable monkey urinal from mkool. It’s made from non-toxic materials and will prevent splashing or spilling. It’s perfect for last-minute pee pee needs, and ensures that he'll hit the target every time.


NYOBO Inflatable Portable Travel Toilet

This portable potty looks more like a toy than an emergency toilet for your tot. It comes with 20 disposable plastic bags, and can be inflated quickly. Just place a bag inside and set it down for your child to do their business. The cushy comfort of the potty will feel bouncy on your kiddo’s butt.


OXO Tot 2-in-1 Go Potty For Travel

On-the-go emergencies are no match for the OXO portable potty. With its futuristic design, the unit has legs that fold out fast for those “I gotta go” moments, and it can either stand alone or sit on top of a potty. It also has flaps that hold the disposable bags in place, and can fit right in your diaper bag.


Cool Gear Travel Potty Training Toilet Seat w/Carry Handle

Now your kiddo can carry their own potty for SOS emergency breaks. Not only is it lightweight and strong, it folds up to the size of a briefcase, complete with a carrying handle. Just unfold it, lift up the seat, and stick a gallon-sized storage bag inside. The seat also comes with storage on either side to hold wipes, bags, or even an extra pair of undies.


GoGirl Female Urination Device

Let’s face it: it’s easier for little boys to pee outside than it is for girls. You won’t have to worry about dribbling with the GoGirl, which helps little ladies go on their terms… whenever, wherever.


Keep A Cup Or Bucket With You

Sometimes, your kid catches you off guard and you just don't have time to come up with a contraption... quick. If your child has to go number one, then you can always use a big disposable cup to capture any urine. And for long car rides, it might be a good idea to keep a bucket in the back, just in case your kiddo has to poop. Make sure that you have disposable plastic bags and disinfectant wipes on hand so you can pitch the contents of the container when your child is done doing their business.