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Luke P.'s Red Flags On 'The Bachelorette' Are Piling Up

by Chrissy Bobic
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It’s only week three on The Bachelorette, and already some of the guys are falling for Hannah. It might be normal at this point for the men to be actively falling for her, but from where Luke P. stands, he is in love, ready to propose, and confused as to why all of these other guys are still around. Has he ever watched an episode of the show before? Because there are some major red flags from Luke P. on The Bachelorette that make it seem like he isn't long for this reality TV dating world.

Luke’s first mistake was telling Hannah that he loved her on his first big group date in Episode 2 this season. Maybe Hannah didn't take it as a bad sign since she, too, was starting to have strong feelings for him, but it was the first of many red flags that point to Luke’s imminent demise this season.

That’s not to say that he won't get far, because if he made it through last night’s episode, he might make it a lot farther before Hannah gives him the boot. I just can't see Luke winning the final rose at the end of the season if his behavior continues to escalate the way it has so far. And right now, these red flags from Luke on The Bachelorette are hard to ignore.


He Dropped The L-Bomb Way Too Early

I will never not be weary of contestants who say "I love you" far too early in the season on The Bachelorette or The Bachelor. It would be understandable if Luke was feeling infatuated with Hannah or at least falling for her. Dropping the big L-bomb so early in the season, however, was the first major red flag. Unfortunately, Hannah’s heart eyes got in the way of seeing all of Luke’s warning signs at that point.


His Jealousy Over The Other Guys

Luke already displayed some major jealousy this week when Hannah was trying to talk to the other guys. Luke seems to already have the mentality of thinking of Hannah as his girlfriend and this early in the game, that can be dangerous. He is in for a rude awakening if he thinks that Hannah isn't developing feelings for more than just one contestant at this point.


He Already Threatened To Leave

Later in the season, after solid connections have been made and Hannah has her finalists narrowed down for a secure four, it would be normal for some of the guys to consider leaving early. That’s par for the course with this show. What isn’t, however, is threatening to dip out during a week three date. But Luke talked about that during and after the photo shoot group date and worried about Hannah reciprocating his feelings. It’s totally understandable to second guess his own feelings and have concerns, but threatening to leave already is just way too dramatic, even for The Bachelorette.


Luke Is Already Acting Like A Stage 5 Clinger

Hannah made it a point to talk to all of the guys at the group date and get in time with each of them as they took photos with animals. It should have been a drama-free easygoing date since this is only week three. But it didn’t take long for Luke to try and steal some of her time and prevent some of the other men from getting to spend time with her. It’s just way too much too early.


He Requires Reassurance From Hannah

Hannah had to sit down with Luke more than once this week to reassure him that she cares for him and has feelings for him. Again, I understand wanting that reassurance later in the season, but there is only so much coddling Hannah can do when she still has more than a dozen other guys to give attention to and so little time to do it. Luke seems to think this is the Hannah and Luke Show, though, and that any spare time she has should be devoted to him and his feelings.


Hannah Already Feels Like She Needs To Cater To His Feelings

Not only does Luke apparently need Hannah to tell him that she still likes him, but he also made her feel like she needed to warn him ahead of time that he wasn't getting the group date rose. She had to take him aside and explain that to him to prevent a potential meltdown. If Luke is already forcing her to walk on eggshells with him now, then I can only imagine how stressful their relationship might be outside of the show.


He Didn't Take Her Words To Heart

I can't give a big enough round of applause to Hannah for pointing out to Luke his own red flags in last night’s episode. Clearly, she has been paying attention and she won’t stand for Luke’s repeat offences. But after she had a talk with him and pointed out how cocky and possessive he is being, he said that he doesn't see himself like that. It was as if everything she took the time to say went right over his head and it was incredibly disrespectful to Hannah and her own feelings.


Luke Is Mostly There For Her When She’s Most Vulnerable

As former Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise contestant Derek Peth pointed out on Twitter, Luke seems to be around at the right time when Hannah is feeling vulnerable so he can swoop in and save her. That might be romantic if he was also there for her at other times, but in the past few weeks, Luke has seemed more like an opportunist out to make himself look like a great guy in her eye rather than genuinely be there for her.

Maybe Luke will surprise everyone and turn around to be the kind of guy Hannah wants and needs to be with. Right now, however, he is skating on very thin ice and if Hannah gets fed up with him in the next week or so, he will definitely be sent packing long before hometown dates.

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