These 'Walking Dead' Costumes Are So Cool & You Don't Even Have To Shower

I have been aWalking Dead fan since Season One. Alas, while the past two seasons have a lot to make up for, season nine looks promising as heck. Part of the reason why I'm expecting a lot is because this is the last season for Rick Grimes. I'm also guessing that Michonne, played by Danai Gurira, might make her own exit this season (to focus on her role in The Black Panther franchise). That means this is the last best year to dress as one of TWD characters for halloween. To that end, these 8 Walking Dead costumes are really easy to put together, and more fun than you can shake a barbed wire wrapped stick at.

Sure, you could go all out and do the latex makeup and the elaborate death mask of the walker. In fact, I know that people have done it, and done it well, but that's a ton of work. Last year, my son went as a walker, and I just made him a ribcage shirt and smeared some fake blood and dirt on him and called it good. I went as Maggie. It was easy, because I favor her looks, and have an abundance of tee shirts, black jeans, and boots. I also love a low-slung belt. (The one accessory of the early 2000s that I really wish would come back!) To complete my look, I dirtied myself up, made a few fake scrapes, and boom! Maggie. Most of The Walking Dead costumes are available for purchase as one lot, but much of the time, it's cheaper to source them yourself from your own closet. Here, I show you a mix of both. (Either way, you don't even have to shower!)


2 Daryl Dixon

Rocky Ranch Faux Leather Vest, $18, Dollar Days

Black Slim Men's Button Down, $18, Old Navy

Levi's 510 Jeans in Dark Gray, $28, Kohl's

Knife Sheath (belt not included), $23, Etsy

If your partner is particularly sure of himself, or just hilarious, going as Daryl Dixon is a cinch. I've been thinking about going as him for a few years. He has fun accessories. You'll need a black button down, a leather vest, dark jeans, and a knife belt. Boots are his preferred choice of footwear, but that's up to you.



Orvis Classic Barn Jacket, $130, Amazon

Gap Long Sleeve Boatneck Tee Shirt, $25, The Gap

Style and Co. Skinny Cargo Pants, $30, Macy's

Carol dresses for utility, like most everyone on the show. For her, you'll need some form of barn jacket (her favorite!), a gray tee shirt or henley, and dark skinny cargo pants. Also dirt. Just assume all these costumes need dirt.

Now, barn jackets are really expensive, so buy something you're going to wear again, or buy one second hand. I will tell you that they never go out of style, and they're super comfy.



Michonne needs one thing more than any other: her katana. There are tons of cheap versions available, but if you're serious about your cosplay, you'll need something like this katana from Amazon (as long as you don't mind shelling out $81).

You'll also need her belt. Her clothes change, but she always wears a studded belt and fingerless gloves.

Fingerless Gloves, $10, Amazon

Studded Belt, $15, Amazon


Lil A*skicker

Gray Leggings, $7, H&M

Girls Short Sleeve Top, $4, JCPenney

So what if she's not really Rick's baby.? Who cares if she's not Michonne's or Carol's either? Daryl also adores her. Everyone loves Lil A*skicker/Judith Grimes, and if you have a kid, it's so easy to dress her up as Judith. I mean, she survived Lizzy. She gets an award.



Plaid Button Down, $12, Kohl's

Black Leg Holster Tactical, $17, Spirit Halloween

I love Maggie. A low slung belt and a plaid button down over jeans and you're all done. If you want bada*s Maggie, go for an A-line sleeveless shirt instead. But the button down is warmer.



Duster Trench, $80, TB Dress

Fingerless Gloves, $8, Overstock

Green Tee, $15, Kohl's

Stuffed Tiger, $16, Walmart

To dress up like the leader of the Saviors, you just need a cool trench coat, a button down or a green tee shirt, fingerless gloves, and of course, a stuffed tiger.