Pregnant women want to hear nice things on Mother's Day, too.
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8 Things You Should *Definitely* Say To A Pregnant Woman On Mother's Day

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Even though they may not have the actual baby in their arms quite yet, pregnant women can (and should) absolutely celebrate Mother's Day if they choose to. If you’re unsure of how to honor these extraordinary women, know that there are plenty of things to say to a pregnant mom on Mother’s Day to help ensure that they feel loved and lifted up right alongside every other mom, grandma, stepmom, and other mothering-type figures out there.

Unfortunately, I’ve never seen a Mother’s Day greeting card that reads, “You’re going to be such a great mom when your baby is born!” (If anyone at Hallmark is reading this, would you go ahead and jump on that idea please?) Despite a lack of conventional card choices, expectant moms totally count when it comes to women who deserve an all-out celebration on the second Sunday in May. They’re gearing up to raise another human being soon and can use all of the support you have to give.

Honestly, pregnant moms probably deserve their very own holiday, but until that idea catches on, you can use the phrases below to express your gratitude and appreciation on Mother’s Day. It's OK to let them know that this day is for them, too, and it's even better to acknowledge their feelings and needs during this special time. Here’s a bit of inspiration if you need it:


"Sleep as late as you want."

Alarm clocks should be outlawed on Mother's Day for all moms, but particularly for ones who are achy and worn out from carrying a heavy, kicking child inside of their body. Encourage moms-to-be to stay in bed as long as they want, to take an afternoon nap, and to put up their feet in between. They’ve more than earned it.


"Here's your Mother's Day gift!"

Time to get on the same page, guys! A survey from EMA New Moms found that although 60 percent of expecting mothers anticipated receiving Mother's Day gifts, 60 percent of fathers-in-waiting didn't plan to give anything to their partners. Not only that, they "didn't even think about" honoring the day with a present. Come on: Doesn't nine months of nausea, swollen ankles, belly-band wearing, and Cabernet abstinence deserve even a little something in the way of appreciation?


"You're beautiful."

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Receiving this type of compliment can be the highlight of a person’s day, but even more so for a woman experiencing all of the changes pregnancy brings with it. To a woman who is expecting, it’s also more than just a superficial comment about her looks — it’s valuable reassurance that her body is doing something extraordinary. Feel free to substitute the word “beautiful” for a suitable alternative like “gorgeous” or “stunning” throughout the day on Mother’s Day… and pretty much every day after that.


"We're eating whatever you want today."

Why shouldn't a pregnant woman join the other moms who are treated to their favorite brunch or dinner on their special day? Plus, they’re eating for two, remember? This especially applies to first-time moms-to-be whose window of opportunity for couples-only time is rapidly closing. Whether it's a restaurant trip or take-out at home, noshing on any meal that she’s craving is a perfect way to honor her this Mother’s Day.


"Thank you."

These two little words are so simple, yet incredibly necessary. Motherhood is often a thankless job, but you can easily express your gratitude for not only an expectant mom’s ability to carry a child, but everything else that she does on top of that. I promise, this small gesture of thanks will make her day.


"What can I do for you?"

Pregnant moms have so much on their plates. Not only do they have to carry a child, but they have to plan for everything that will happen once the baby is born. Asking her what you can do to help lighten the load — even if she just wants you to make a Starbucks run — is a fantastic way to show your appreciation.


"You're a fantastic mom."

Yes, even if her baby isn’t born yet, a pregnant mom is still a mom. If she’s carrying a baby, she is already doing a darn good job at motherhood just by allowing that sweet little human to take up residence in her womb and deserves to hear it out loud.


"I can't wait till we're finally parents."

Show your enthusiasm and appreciation for everything a pregnant mom goes through by expressing how excited you are to get to have a child together. Raising a child is a team effort, and anything that shows an expectant mom that her partner is totally and completely in this with her is a comforting assurance that she can own this thrill ride called parenthood.

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