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I Couldn't Handle Mom Life Without Galentine's Day

Sometimes, after a morning of drinking cold tea between playtimes and an afternoon of toddler-chasing and nap fighting and an evening of wrestling over tooth-brushing, I just want to treat myself to a big stack of friendship waffles and mimosas with some glorious female warriors. Motherhood made me realize how important Galentine’s Day is by helping me appreciate just how vital it is to take breaks from serving and spending time with my partner and kids, and cultivate and honor my friendships with other women.

Galentine’s Day is a holiday invented by The Honorable Leslie Knope, of the television show Parks and Recreation. Each February 13, Leslie and her favorite ladies leave their partners at home and enjoy brunch together, while she showers them with gifts that emphasize how much she loves, appreciates, and admires them. It's the perfect counterpart to the over-the-top romance of Valentine’s Day that happens the following day, and even in the timing of the day it reflects Leslie’s commitment to “ovaries before brovaries,” "utereses before duderuses," and putting her girlfriends first in her life.

Even though Galentine’s Day got its start on a television show, I’m all for observing it in real life. Too often, romantic love is held up as the most important kind (or even the only “real” kind) of love. That puts a ton of pressure on that one relationship, and I know I've definitely been guilty of relying too heavily on my husband for grown-up company, friendship, and conversation (especially as I was first learning how to manage life as a stay-at-home mom). Motherhood reminds me that Galentine’s Day — and every other opportunity to celebrate our lady friends — is really important, because:

My Efforts As Mom Are Sometimes Taken For Granted…

Like every mom ever, I've definitely had times where many of my efforts seemed totally invisible to my family, let alone adequately appreciated. It's not entirely their fault because, well, kids are often too young to realize how much goes into making a family work, and partners are often busy trying to handle their own roles at work and home.

Still, and even though being taken for granted happens in even the strongest families, it still doesn't feel great when it's happening. The rest of my family may not get how much of my heart and sleepless soul I put into keeping our home running, but my closest lady friends are always there to affirm that they see and admire what I do.

...Which Reminds Me It’s Important To Celebrate The Other Beautiful Rule-Breaking Moths In My Life

As a busy mom, though, I don't always have time to show just how much I appreciate my favorite ladies. Galentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate all the fabulous women I’m lucky enough to have in my life, and to remember that my family members aren't the only people to love and be loved by in my life.

Motherhood Reminds Me Just How Much I Need Feminism…

From tough struggles for career advancement, fair pay, affordable childcare, workplace accommodations, and more, to persistent difficulties balancing motherhood with keeping an independent identity, there are no shortage of reminders that life is unfairly and unnecessarily harder for moms because life is unfairly and unnecessarily harder for women.

(We won't even get into how often moms get criticized for every single thing we do, while dads get all sorts of praise just for breathing in the same vicinity as their kids.)

...And Makes Spending Time With My Lady Friends A Huge Relief

I've always had a good time with my girlfriends, but since becoming a mom I find that I crave ladies-only time far more than I ever had before. Sometimes, it's hard to make time to hang out together and/or show my appreciation, but having a holiday that's all about celebrating my lady loves makes it a little easier to prioritize that.

Because Mom Life Is So Much Easier With The Help Of My Favorite Devious Bastards

Every Leslie needs her Ann, especially once she becomes a mom. Once you find a crew of girlfriends who are there to watch your kids when you need a break, or bring over a bottle of wine and a listening ear when you're at your breaking point, it's important to make sure they know how much you love them.

Every Mom Needs A Brunch Break…

The traditional meal of Galentine’s Day is brunch. Need I say more? (I will anyway: waffles, frittatas, bacon, and lady friends, please and thank you. If only every day could be so perfect.)

...And Especially Mimosas

Mimosas for all! Cheers to leaving the family at home for a little while so I can enjoy some tasty drinks with my beautiful friends.

Keeping Up With My Favorite Beautiful Tropical Fish Is Even More Crucial Now

As more of us move, get engaged and/or married, and have kids (in whatever order), it's easy to lose touch. However, the stresses and loneliness of motherhood makes me realize that I need my girlfriends more than ever before. If the New Year is a time to create resolutions and set intentions to improve our lives overall, Galentine’s Day is a great time to create resolutions and set intentions for our friendships with all the beautiful, talented, brilliant, powerful musk oxen in our lives.