Courtesy of Popreal
9 Adorable Mommy & Me Swimsuits That Twin For The Win

by Jacqueline Burt Cote

Shopping for swimsuits for little kids is a blast, because they're generally all pretty adorable. Shopping for a swimsuit for yourself, on the other hand, can be distinctly less delightful, because... ugh. But here's one way to make the whole process a bit more fun: Coordinate your look with your little one! Mommy & me swimsuits are seriously in vogue this summer, with options available in all kinds of styles, colors, and price ranges. So how can you find the right set for you and your mini-me?

I'll tell you a little secret: When you're doing the twinning thing with your tot, you can totally get away with wearing more whimsical prints and accents than you might ordinarily try to wear on the beach. Sure, you might not choose a ruffled two-piece with fruit on it if you were just going solo, but with your similarly outfitted child by your side, it makes perfect sense. Plus, there are only so many opportunities in life when your kid will let you wear the same clothes she's wearing... as in, this might actually be your only opportunity. (Or maybe not the only one, but let's just say your teenager isn't likely to be as open to the idea of matching bathing suits as your preschooler.)

Of course, most of these Mommy & Me looks aren't exactly the same, either: Concessions are made to accommodate adult bodies (i.e. more supportive tops, etc.) Just be sure to get lots of pics of the two of you before the summer is over, because you'll want to remember these moments forever.


Think Pink


Summer Salt X Mac & Mia The Confetti Sidestroke One-Piece, $95, Summer Salt

Summer Salt X Mac & Mia The Girls' Confetti Sidestroke Bikini Set, $55, Summer Salt

Adorably festive, this pair of swimsuits from Summer Salt's Mamas + Minis limited edition collaboration with Mac & Mia are sort of what cupcakes would look like in bathing suit form, except even better than that. The Mommy-sized version is a bestselling style known staying put in the places where it matters most even when you're chasing after your little swimmer (sizes 12 months to 6T).


Desert Flowers

Popreal Cactus Print Two-Piece, $25, Popreal

Popreal Cactus Print One-Piece, $23, Popreal

This cute, cartoon-esque print is perfect for kids (but not too silly for moms), and the bottoms on the grown-up suit are perfect when you want a little extra coverage. Kid sizes come in 18 months to 7 years.


Mama's Girl

PatPat Letter Printed One-Piece Swimsuit, $17, PatPat

PatPat Letter Printed One-Piece Swimsuit, $15, PatPat

You can't go wrong with a black one-piece, and this pair of suits lets everybody know you're a mother-daughter duo to be reckoned with. Kid sizes are available from 6 months to 7 years; both also come in white with black lettering.


Vacay Vibes

Kaylani Pink Two-Piece, $32, Little Chocopink

Kaylani Pink Two-Piece, $26, Little Chocopink

The ideal suit to wear while sipping an umbrella drink (or a juice box) by the pool, the high-waisted, low-cut legs on the bottom make for an extra comfy fit and the ruffles are a fun, flirty touch. Kids sizes come in 2T to 8.


All In The Family

Cameron One-Piece in Santorini, $75, The Salty Baby

Layna One-Piece in Santorini, $25, The Salty Baby

Caden One-Piece in Santorini, $25, The Salty Baby

Moms don't often get the chance to do the matching outfit thing with their boys, which is why these suits are so cool: Practically the whole family can coordinate! Kid sizes available from 3 months to 5T.


Camera Ready

Pink Vintage Camera High Waist Bikini, $78, Red Dolly

Girls Pink Vintage Camera High Waist Bikini, $50, Red Dolly

If retro style is your thing, these suits are a dream come true (especially if you're looking for a little extra sun protection for your shoulders). Kid sizes come in 2 to 12 years, so you can even twin with you tween (if she's willing).


Watermelon Waves

Pampano Watermelon Bikini, $79, Mademoiselle Louise

Pampano Watermelon Bikini, $45, Mademoiselle Louise

Handmade in Miami by a French designer, the cut of the mom suit definitely has a chic, European feel... and it just doesn't get sweeter than a little girl in watermelon print bikini (sizes 0 months to 12 years).


High Contrast

Tulum Color Blocked Halter Top, $29, and Tulum Color Blocked Bikini Bottom, $29, Forever Young Swimwear

Girls Tulum Set, $25, Forever Young Swimwear

The white trim on these black bikinis makes for clean, classic lines (and the best thing about halter tops is that you don't have to be afraid of your straps slipping off your shoulders all the time!). Available in 2T to 4T for girls.


Glamour Girls


Palisades Piping Maillot, $352, Marysia

Bumby Palisades Piping Maillot, $129, Marysia

With a silhouette reminiscent of the golden age of Hollywood screen sirens, these suits would be perfectly accessorized with matching pairs of cat eye sunglasses.