9 Baby Name Generators That Are Actually Helpful


What's in a name? Surprisingly, anything and everything, it seems. If you're drained from coming up with and vetoing choices all day long or you just want to give something new a try, you might want to consider using baby name generators that are actually helpful. As it turns out, not all name generators are created equally. With the worldwide web at your disposal, there are options that fit pretty much any style, preference, or theme you could imagine. So it can be a little overwhelming to sift through all the various sites and apps to find which ones are really worth their salt.

From finding unique monikers to combining your name with your partner's, there are plenty of possibilities and fun to be had. Even if you don't end up sticking with the selection the site gives you, it could be just the spark of inspiration you needed to find the perfect name for your little bundle of joy.

What's even more interesting, is that since these generators are online, you can easily share your findings to get input from your partner, family, friends, or keep it a secret instead. So check out these baby name generators that are actually pretty helpful.

1Baby Name Genie


The thing that sets Baby Name Genie apart from the rest is that you have two options for generating a name. You can either "make a wish" and you'll be given a name based on your last name and gender of the baby (or you can click "surprise me"). Or you can write to the Genie with your personal request and he will give you a first and middle name tailored specifically to your wishes. You can even take the name for a "test drive" and see how it would look or sound in various situations. Try out the for yourself and see what you think.

2Best Little Baby


On Best Little Baby, you can come up with a name that combines yours with your partner's plus you can pick the origin (literary, Sanskrit, Hebrew, etc.) and the gender (boy, girl, unisex). There are loads of options and you can even search by letter if you want to see things for yourself.

3Baby Name Wizard


Using their advanced finder, Baby Name Wizard is one of the more detailed generators. Options for your preferences include: must start and/or end with, can't start and/or end with, minimum and maximum length and syllables, and how popular or rare you'd like the name to be. Certainly a lot to digest, but perfect for the person who knows exactly what they want.

4Baby Names, Etc.


Out of the options, Baby Names, Etc. is likely the most light-hearted generator. In a multiple choice style quiz, you can select your favorite season, genre of music, color, and more to come up with a perfectly customized moniker for your little munchkin.

5Nymbler — Your Personal Baby Name Assistant


Kind of how your smart phone learns your typing habits, Nymbler creates a list of name ideas based off of your preferences Here's how it works: Select a gender or leave it blank, then Nymbler will show you a list of random names. Here's where it gets intuitive and cool. Nymbler has you select which names you like, love, or hate, then it generates a new list with names isnpired by your selections. You keep doing this until you find one (or more) you absolutely love and you can say you found a name suited specifically to you.

6Oxford Dictionaries — Baby Name Generator


Rather than focus on your personal taste, this generator still uses the quiz format, but it's all about your future child. Oxford Dictionaries asks questions like: Which of these sporting activities would you like them to take up? What TV program do you hope they'll watch with you? What profession would you like for your future child? Which of these qualities would you hope to see in your future child? Definitely interesting and worth the short time it takes to complete.

7Baby Center's Celebrity Baby Name Generator


Purely for kicks and giggles, this generator plays off the stereotype that celebs only give their babies unique or outrageous names. Baby Center's Celebrity Baby Name Generator might just be for laughs, but who knows? You may end up finding a name you really life after all.

8Baby Center's Baby Name Finder


The more classic type of generator, Baby Center get's down to business with this in-depth Baby Name Finder. You can input the gender (or unisex option), select how popular you'd like it to be, and choose the meaning, origin, and theme, just to name a few options. This generator is truly thorough.

9Hipster Baby Name Generator


Though several imitators have followed, the original Hipster Baby Name Generator is still the best. Whether you approach this as a bit of fun or take it more legitimately is up to you. The generator ask questions like, "what best describes your future little darlings: eating habits, gender, sleeping habits and most importantly, what is there 'mainstream' last name?" I got "Emerson Lemon Jack" as my gender non-conforming baby's name. What's yours?