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Twitter Jokes About 'The Bachelor' That Prove It's Been A Wild Season So Far

The only thing better than watching The Bachelor every week to root for your favorite contestant and side-eye the rest, is doing it with the rest of Bachelor Nation on Twitter. If there is a particularly interesting date or ketchup on Colton's shirt, someone on Twitter will be talking about it. And all of these Bachelor Twitter jokes perfectly sum up the season so far.

I honestly don't know what I would do if I didn't have other Bachelor fans talking about Demi running things or Chris Harrison calling Hannah B. "Caelynn" accidentally-on-purpose. Like any other social media platform, Twitter can help bring people together. When it comes to The Bachelor, there's never a shortage of Bachelor memes. Right now, there are enough to help you either catch up on the season or remind you of every magical moment we've had so far.

Colton's season of The Bachelor is roughly halfway over, which means that international travel is underway and the contestants are slowly dwindling down. It's getting down to the nitty gritty and Colton has been working to ensure that the women here "for the right reasons" get to stay, while the "cancers" of the cast get the boot. Colton, the sweet summer child that he is, might still have a few chaotic contestants in the mix, but for now, it will help keep things interesting.


Demi Being The "Villain" We Don't Deserve

Remember when Demi worked her magic and effortlessly got rid of two of her competitors this season? Almost as quickly as her feuds with Tracy and Courtney began, she managed to help Colton make the decision to send them home and keep her. And all with that smile on her face. Whether you love Demi or are counting down the days until she too is sent home, you have to respect her efforts.


Hannah B. & Caelynn's Big Talk

Then there was that time when Hannah B. and Caelynn had a mature conversation and squashed their beef on The Bachelor. It will go down in The Bachelor history books as one of the most open and mature reconciliations of the franchise. I don't see the women getting brunch anytime soon, but it was a start and Twitter loved it.


Chris Harrison Adding Fuel To That Fire

Before the women made up, Harrison called Hannah B. "Caelynn" when he arrived at the mansion in the morning. I don't know if it was an innocent mistake (the guy likely gets less sleep out of any of them and there are still a lot of women to remember) or a tactic to get the women riled up all over again, but it was kind of amazing.


*That* Fence Jump

I know I’m not the only one who is also looking forward to that now infamous fence jump from The Bachelor trailer released ahead of Colton’s season. There’s still very little context on the how, why, and when of it all but in one clip, Colton is seen jumping an eight foot tall fence in the middle of the night and disappearing down the road. The scene keeps getting teased in other trailers and Bachelor fans on Twitter are still eagerly waiting for it.


Colton's Doppelgangers

Maybe doppelganger is too strong of a word, but once you think about Blake Griffin and Chris Pratt's faces next to Colton's, you won't be able to unsee the similarities.


In Response To All Of The Unnecessary Drama

I'm not saying Colton's season has more of the she said/she said drama than previous seasons, but it's been a lot to take in for the first half. It seems like someone is running to Colton to fill him in on the drama happening with another contestant in almost every episode. I know the competition gets a little fierce at times, but can we just not?


Caelynn & Hannah B. Before They Squashed The Beef

Speaking of bringing Colton into the drama between his contestants, before Caelynn and Hannah B. talked it out, it was like anything one of them did the other took issue with. I get that this is how feuds work, but if they didn't make up when they did, we were looking at a definite two-on-one in their future.


Also Hannah G.'s Doppelganger

There has been more than one meme depicting Toy Story 3's Barbie as Hannah G.'s lookalike. Unfortunately, Hannah G. hasn't gotten a lot of screentime this season because she isn't drowning in drama. Judging by her upbeat attitude on Instagram, though, I don't think she would hate the comparison.


The General Reason For Watching This Season

I'll admit that I wasn't ecstatic about Colton being chosen as the Bachelor. I still had high hopes for Blake from Becca's season of The Bachelorette and I was waiting for all of the Colton rumors to prove false. Instead of getting Blake, though, fans have been given a season that's already paid in full with drama, villainous contestants, and feuding women. What more could we ask for?