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Hannah's G's Instagram Show's A Fun Side Of 'The Bachelor' Contestant

When The Bachelor returns on Jan. 7 with a supersized three-hour premiere, fans will get to meet all of Colton’s contestants there to fight for his love and roses. Before then, however, you can get to know some of the more noteworthy contestants, like Hannah G., who honestly just seems like she’s ready to have a good time. On a show where things can get intensely competitive, that’s refreshing! So what is Hannah G.’s Instagram? The Bachelor contestant is one of two from Alabama this season (the other of whom is also named Hannah). While that might already sound a little confusing, I promise it will be a lot easier to tell everyone apart once you do a little social media stalking.

Luckily, Hannah G.’s Instagram isn't private, so you can see all of her posts and self-deprecating captions well before the season premieres. It also gives you a peek into the sillier side of a contestant who might have to break out the claws in order to win Colton's heart this season. Before things kick off you can never really tell who's "not here to make friends" in the mansion. But hopefully Hannah G.’s happy go lucky personality will be more than sufficient take her far with Colton.

Although some of Hannah G.’s Instagram posts are professional photos or promotions for different clothing companies, she’s always quick to add captions that show her personality. Like the caption "forgets napkin & hates life" under a photo of her in a luxury car with an ice cream cone. Or "I love capturing candid moments... of me staring at fries" under a post where she’s sitting at an outdoor restaurant, smiling and looking down at a plate of french fries. She also wrote "got a good swim in today! and by swim, I mean laid around & ate Pringles beside a pool" under a photo of herself lounging in a pool. I’m pretty sure I’m ready for us to become best friends now.

Although Hannah G. has the standard food photos and professional looking posts that so many Bachelor contestants seem to curate on social media, she also seems down to earth. She is 23 years old, which some might consider young for a Bachelor contestant, but if Bekah from Season 22 of The Bachelor has taught us anything, it’s that age makes no difference in maturity in Bachelor Nation.

Although she posts photos pretty regularly, there’s a huge gap between last September post and the next one in December, presumably because that's when The Bachelor was filming. I'm just theorizing here, but maybe that could mean that she makes it as far as hometown dates or possibly to the final three this season.

I know, I’m probably getting ahead of myself, but it’s definitely possible. But if Hannah G. doesn't win Colton’s heart at the end of the season, I am already all for seeing more of her in Bachelor Nation.